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Wednesday, September 03, 2008
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The death of famous Persian poet Hafiz Mohammad Zahoor-ul-Haq has created a vacuum in the literary horizon of the country.


This was stated by National Language Authority Chairman Professor Fateh Mohammad in a condolence reference organized by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Tuesday.


He said that the collection of his poetry was among one of the most prominent collections in the world.


“His poetry preaches the message of peace, harmony and brotherhood,” he said, adding that his contribution to the literature would never be forgotten.


On the occasion Hakim Saharanpuri said that although Hafiz was no more in this world but he would remain alive through his wonderful poetry.


He was a man of great stature and his poetry is a source of inspiration for the youth of today,” he said.


PAL Chairman Iftikhar Arif said that the personalities like Hafiz born after centuries and the vacuum created after his death would be filled after centuries.