December 4, 2020
November 30, 2020
By Sirajuddin Aziz

Perhaps there is nobody who does not desire for ownself the best. The only exception can be the Saints or Dervishes. The rest are in one form or other, in the race to acquire the best. The best in one’s life could relate to numerous things, the spectrum of which can range from the worldly...

December 1, 2020
By Sheher Bano

Villagers of GarivariJamshoro District of the Sindh province of Pakistan, with a total population of 993,142 , is administratively subdivided into four Tehsils: Kotri, Manjhand, Sehwan Sharif and Thana Bulla Khan Tehsils. On the Jamshoro-Sehwan road, a katcha road on the left leads to three...