Thursday September 29, 2022
Raoof Hasan
Raoof Hasan

  • September 23, 2022

    Dance of the devil : The Friday Column

    The vicious circus that has gone on in the country over the last few months is both bewildering and worrisome. For such has been its wickedness and...

  • September 16, 2022

    Of selection, election and revolution

    The crime syndicate that was commissioned in April as a consequence of external conspiracy coupled with internal collaboration presents a pathetic...

  • September 09, 2022

    One country, conflicting charters : The Friday Column

    The people of Pakistan have been victims of much discrimination, but never quite of a scale as in the current times. There are two separate sets of...

  • September 02, 2022

    Hope in times of crisis

    It is a given that crises bring nations together. Not here. Not now. In fact, we appear to be more divided than ever before, and the reasons may not...

  • August 26, 2022

    On the brink : The Friday Column

    Pakistan is being pushed to the brink. It may not be wrong to presume that it is well-nigh there, staring down into the abyss. The sordid happenings...

  • August 19, 2022

    The people’s power

    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in a wrong one.” – Socrates People have been variously perceived, understood and treated....

  • August 12, 2022

    Under assault – from within

    For all the years that Pakistan has been independent, we lived in fear of being attacked by our traditional rivals: India in the east and...

  • August 05, 2022

    A variant of the bizarre

    The Friday Column“Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”. – Euripides The verdict announced by the ECP in the PTI...

  • July 29, 2022

    The tide has turned

    Coming so soon after the drubbing the PML-N received at the hands of the PTI in the recently-held by-elections in Punjab, the Supreme Court ...

  • July 22, 2022

    Rallying for Pakistan

    The crushing defeat the PML-N has suffered in the heart of their power base, Punjab, at the hands of the PTI is a miniscule reflection of the fact...