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Selena Gomez admits she gets ‘mouthy’ on social media over her loved ones

Selena Gomez recently confronted negative fan comments criticizing her relationship with Benny Blanco

By Web Desk
April 25, 2024
Selena Gomez confirmed her relationship with Benny Blanco in December 2023

Selena Gomez doesn’t hold back when it her loved ones are being targeted on social media, be it her close friend Taylor Swift or her beau Benny Blanco.

During her appearance as a panelist at the TIME100 Summit in New York City in Wednesday, April 24, the actress and singer, 31, addressed her infamous clap-backs at online detractors.

“I just – I find it frustrating and then I get a little mouthy, and I wanna defend people I love,” she candidly admitted, as reported by Elle.

Indeed, the Love On hitmaker has been very vocal in defending her loved ones on social media platforms.

Most notably, in December 2023, she confronted negative comments from fans criticizing her new relationship with music producer Benny Blanco.

Her remarks came after a significant social media hiatus, which Gomez often takes. In fact, she disclosed that she “took four years off of Instagram” and delegated her social media management to her team.

“I felt like it was the most rewarding gift I gave myself,” she reflected.

“[During my break], I was more present. I was happier. I would actually get real phone calls [from] people telling me about their story, and I could actually hear it instead of going, “Oh, I already know what you did today.’ It’s more human,” she explained.