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Alleges courts freeing religious extremists; accuses judge of being politically influenced
- Monday, February 14, 2011 - From Print Edition


LONDON: Pervez Musharraf’s spokesman on Sunday questioned the credibility of the judge, who had issued a warrant for the arrest of former president who lives in London in exile.


Fawad Chaudhary told a press conference at Musharrafís All Pakistan Muslim League office in central London that the former president had apprised Benazir Bhutto of the threats to her life time and again but the former prime minister, who was killed in December 2007 in Rawalpindi in a gun attack, ignored all such warnings and continued to compromise her security.


He claimed that Musharraf, the interior ministry, and security agencies went out of their way to make Benazir realise that extremist elements were after her life but she was too headstrong to take the heed.


Speaking on behalf of Musharraf, Fawad asked the PPP leadership to explain why the partyís own security let her come out of the vehicle, after taking over security from the state security forces.


“The security lapse was on her part and it has become a well-known fact. From Karachi to the KPK to the Liaqaut Bagh, she made her own decisions, ignoring the security advice. The charges against Mushararf are ridiculous.” He said the various investigations, held so far, have established that her murder plan was hatched in tribal areas and executed by the outlaws and had nothing to do with any conspiracy at the state level. “The whole country was in a state of chaos at that time and she should have known better.”


Fawad said the charges laid against Musharraf were laughable because they ignored the fact that heads of the states cannot be held responsible for the murders in their countries. ìPeople are murdered in England and the United States but you cannot prosecute the queen or the US president just because they are head of the states and therefore, guilty,î said Fawad, adding that Benazir was provided adequate security at all time.


He claimed the FIA has so far not contacted anyone from Musharrafís team and were playing their game only in the media. The spokesman lashed out at the judiciary and called the judge, who issued warrants against Mushararf, an ìextremist sympathiser known for his extremist viewsî. He said the judge was politically-motivated and he cannot be trusted with this case.


He also alleged that since the restoration of Iftikhar Muhammad Chadhary, many entrenched extremists, who are known to have attacked interests of the Pakistani state, have been released.


He said the APML will launch protests against the ìwitch-huntî of the former president, who plans to land in Lahore this year when a ìpolitical decisionî in this regard is taken. ìPervez Musharraf has nothing to answer before this court. He will return to Pakistan for politics and to serve his country, not to answer any questions.î