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Victoria Beckham reconsiders Spice Girls reunion after years of denial

Victoria Beckham has shut down the possibility of a Spice Girls reunion for years

By Web Desk
April 26, 2024

Victoria Beckham had a major epiphany about her former girl group, the Spice Girls, during her 50th birthday bash at Oswald’s club in London.

Per a new report by OK! Magazine, the singer-turned-fashion designer was hit with a wave of nostalgia when she reunited with her former bandmates – Melanie “Mel B” Brown, Melanie “Mel C” Chisholm, Emma Bunton, and Geri Halliwell. The girls even took the stage for a surprise performance of their 1997 single Stop for the guests

Though Beckham has previously been adamant in her refusal for an official reunion, a source told the outlet that something about her milestone birthday made her change her mind.

“Victoria has finally realised that she really does miss the girls,” they spilled, further explaining that Posh Spice now has more time on her hands as her kids with husband David Beckham are becoming more independent.

The source continued, “Having the girls at her party and spending time with them made her realise how much she loves and misses them all.”

Notably, just a few days before her birthday, which is on April 17, she told Radio France that the Spice Girls chapter is behind her.

“It would be lovely for us to do something to celebrate – a dinner or a lunch – and reminisce, but yes it will not be any more than that,” she explained, shutting down any rumours of a reunion show or tour.

In contrast, Mel B has been open about her strong desire for a reunion and has been trying to convince the others of it for years.

“The Spice Girls will all be out there, all five of us together again – yes, I’m saying it, it will happen,” she told The Mirror around the same time.