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Speaker summons Services Hospital MS
- Thursday, June 07, 2012 - From Print Edition




PUNJAB Assembly on Wednesday vehemently criticised the doctors’ alleged negligence at the Services Hospital which resulted in the tragic death of the only son of a PML-N woman MPA.


The ‘doctors mafia’ and health department came under immense criticism across the divide in PA over the occurrence and demanded stern action against the elements responsible for the death of the only son of Tayyaba Zameer, a PML-N MPA.


Taking immediate action over the complaint, Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal summoned the medical superintendent of Services Hospital in his chamber on Thursday (today).


The shocking revelation came to surface during the PA proceedings after Tayyaba Zameer, one of the senior most and loyal member of PML-N, on a point of order burst into tears while disclosing that her only son 27-year-old Zil-e-Subhan died in Ganga Ram Hospital, where he was shifted after the administration of Services Hospital refused to provide him with ventilator.


Ms Tayyaba Zameer, who hails from Sargodha, said she was not the only mother who had undergone this turmoil as the doctors of Services and also Ganga Ram Hospitals were playing havoc with human lives and treating them as animals were treated in the slaughterhouses. Disclosing further details, she said that her son was admitted in the Services Hospital for medical checkup but doctors did not cooperate with her despite knowing that his health was deteriorating. She also said that when the health of her son further deteriorated and a ventilator was needed, she went to the administration and asked for it but she was refused and a doctor even said ‘is it a wooden box which we should hand over to you.’


Naming a doctor, Usman Cheema, she said this man not mishandled the case of her son but also misbehaved with her and used abusive language against her.


Tayyaba Zameer also told that later the patient was shifted to Ganga Ram Hospital where a team of doctors deliberately mishandled the case which resulted in the death of her son, Subhan.


She said that it was a pity that even being an elected member of the House, she was unable to get justice and a calamity had befallen her in the form of the death of her only son.


“The way my son was slaughtered by doctors, it was highly painful experience for me, please take stern action against them to save others” said Tayyaba Zameer, who was weeping bitterly while appealing to the chair to take notice of this tragic occurrence. Responding to her complaint, Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan remarked that Medical Superintendent of the Services Hospital shall appear in his chamber on Thursday (today) at 9am.


On the remarks of the Speaker, Tayyaba Zameer demanded that she should also be included in the committee formed to probe the causes of her son’s death which the chair accepted.


Meanwhile, the PPP and PML-Q women MPAs, including Samia Amjed, Azma Bokhari, Sajida Mir, Saghira Islam, went to the seat of Tayyaba Zameer and expressed condolence with her over the death of her son.


Soon after Tayyaba had finished, Dr Samia Amjed demanded the Speaker refer this matter to the standing committee on health on which Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan stated that he had no objection to this demand.


The Speaker referred the matter to the standing committee on health.


Several members of the House, expressing shock and grief over the occurrence also came hard on doctors and the situation of the health department whose performance was awful.


While drawing the attention of the House, Chaudhry Waheed, a PML-N MPA from Multan, stated that he was just returning from Services Hospital where for three hours, he couldn’t find a single doctor who could treat him. He said he went to the administration of the hospital but it looked helpless to address the complaint.


Azma Bokhari, a PPP woman MPA, raising a similar complaint about the negligence of Services Hospital doctors and machinery, she stated that recently an arm of her son got fractured and she went to the said hospital but for four days, she didn’t get a single doctor for her son. She said the administration told her about the unavailability of doctors.


Azma said that one could imagine how did they treat the common people when an elected MPA was unable to get a doctor for her son.


Azama Bokhari stated that like health department, education sector was also facing the same situation.


She said the death of Tayyaba Zameer’s son was very shocking and immediate measures should be taken to prevent such occurrences in future.


Sheikh Alla-ud-Din, a member of PML-Q Unification Bloc, on the occasion also expressed condolence with Tayyaba Zameer and also voiced concern over the condition of health department. Alla-ud-Din stated that it was obvious that health department was a failure and resultantly people were suffering. Citing a recent incident occurred in Punjab Institute of Cardiology, he said one of his staffers suffered a heart attack and was rushed to PIC from Chunia, Kasur. Sheikh Alla-ud-Din said he made high level contact for the proper treatment of the patient but was told by the administration that it was helpless due to the protests continued outside the hospital.


He said immediate measures were needed to improve the situation of health sector and government should either privatise the hospitals or take steps to improve the entire system as the incident faced by Tayyaba Zameer were occurring on regular basis.


Dr Samia Amjed, a PML-Q MPA, vehemently criticised the Punjab government for paying no attention towards the improvement of health sector. She said the Punjab chief minister should answer as to where was the Health Care Commission which was set up at a cost of Rs 40 billion but failed to deliver.


When Samia Amjed was trying to criticise the Punjab government over its failure in tackling the health sector properly, Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal adjourned the session till Thursday.