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- Sunday, August 19, 2012 - From Print Edition


SKARDU: Bodies of three, out of the twenty-two who were slaughtered at Babusar, were brought from the site of the carnage to Skardu and buried amid immense sorrow and grief.


The funeral prayer, led by leading religious leader Sheikh Hasan Jafri, was attended by about 50,000 people.


In his address on the occasion, Sheikh Hasan Jafri said that this is a heinous crime committed by terrorists as no sect allows such a despicable act. He said that these terrorists are not Muslims, let alone they belong to any sect. He urged the people to follow the true spirit of Islam and remain calm and restrained.


Those buried were identified as Hamid, Qari Hanif and Shabbir Husain.


According to an eye witnesses of the horrific incident, on August 16 some buses on way from Rawalpindi to Astore were intercepted at Babusar by about 14 terrorists wearing commando uniforms and carrying walkie-talkies while dozens of their fellow terrorists stood on the nearby hills.


They ordered the passengers to step down and started enquiring about their sect.


Those who belonged to Shia sect were taken aside and later shot dead in cold blood.


The total killed were 22, including four Sunni Muslims, who protested and pressed the terrorists not to kill innocent Shia Muslims.


One Sajjad who luckily saved his life said that fellow Sunni passengers did a good job by saving many lives otherwise all Shias would have been brutally murdered.


The terrorists even beat Sunni passengers and forced them to help in identifying Shias so that they could kill them.


In spite of that, the Sunnis did not cooperate with them, he added.


The same tactics were used in Kohistan in March in which a Gilgit bound bus was intercepted and 18 Shia passengers were slaughtered by terrorists wearing army uniforms.


Thirteen of those killed in the latest incident belong to Astore, three to Skardu,


two to Karachi, and one to Gujar Khan in the Punjab and three to Gilgit.


The Ulema of Gilgit, Baltistan and from all schools of thought condemned the incident and termed it a heinous crime and declared that terrorists are not Muslim, rather they are anti Muslim and anti-Islam.