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Saturday, December 21, 2013
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The Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform and team leader for Pakistan vision 2025, Ahsan Iqbal Friday said the government was going to finalize the 11th five-year development plan under the Pakistan vision 2025 after thorough consultation to put the country on a sustainable economic path by the end of this year.


“The Pakistan vision 2025 is a blue print of long-term development of the country which aims at creating a globally competitive and prosperous country by providing a high quality of life for all citizens of Pakistan,” said Ahsan Iqbal, addressing the Provincial Consultative Workshop on Pakistan vision 2025 and 11th five year plan 2013-18. The workshop was jointly organized by Punjab Planning and Development Department and Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform Division and held at Punjab Civil Secretariat here.


P&D chairman Muhammad Irfan Elahi, P&D federal secretary Hassan Nawaz Tarar, Dr. Ejaz Nabi, professor of economic & dean LUMS, Dr. Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, Director IPP Beacon House University, Provincial Administrative Secretaries, Chairman Punjab Board of Investment and Trade, Rai Nasir Ali Khan, Coordinator Pakistan Vision 2025 P&D Division and Representatives of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan Textile Mills Association and Farmers Association of Pakistan, among others, also participated in the workshop.


Ahsan Iqbal said that the aim of the Pakistan vision was to prepare a road map after national consensus for development in all sectors of the economy. No country can prosper unless it has continuity in its policies and the ability to adjust itself with the global changes and information revolution, he said and asked the Punjab government to prepare a good roadmap for development to judge the level of planning in all development sectors.


He said that in wake of 18th amendment of the Constitution and 7th NFC Award, the role of the Punjab – as the largest contributory towards the economic growth of the country as well as the major stakeholder in this policy initiative – was paramount. The Punjab government, taking lead to define a well-thought out destination for Punjab as well as the motherland has initiated this consultative workshop of stakeholders on vision 2025 and 11th five year plan 2013-18.


In this connection, the Punjab government has organized the consultative workshop for seeking input from major stakeholders on Pakistan Vision 2025 and 11th Five Year Plan 2013-18 and to get Punjab perspective and input for finalizing Pakistan Vision 2025 and Plan.


Federal minister Ahsan Iqbal stressed the role of private sector, academia and civil society in accomplishing this task, with the government’s role as a facilitator. He said that in the light of their recommendations, the government would finalize the 11th five-year development plan and long-term 2025 vision by the end of December 2013. He went to say that the Pakistan government though Ministry of P&D, Planning Commission had undertaken the task to provide the nation a clear roadmap for Pakistan’s development in future to make it one of the fastest growing economies of Asia and top ten economies of the world, besides ensuring opportunities of livelihood, good quality of life and dignity to all the citizens of Pakistan.


Earlier, P&D Punjab chairman Muhammad Irfan Elahi, in his welcome address, said that the importance of Punjab in the progress of the country was no secret. After 18th amendment and 7th NFC award, provinces were now major stakeholders in policy formulation and setting long-term economic development direction, taking into account strengths and weaknesses of provincial economy. It is important to mobilize all its potential to achieve the target of collective growth, he said.


He said that provincial consultative workshop would focus on seven major themes, including energy security, self reliance, inclusive and sustainable growth, human and social capital, value addition and competitiveness in productive sector, modernization of infrastructure and regional connectivity, SMEs and private sector led growth and security, institutional reforms and democratic governance.


During the workshop, P&D chairman Irfan Elahi highlighted the main objectives of the provincial conference. He also invited the participants to provide specific inputs in the preparation and improvement of the vision for the province as well as the federation.


P&D federal secretary Hassan Nawaz Tarar, Dr. Ejaz Nabi, Professor of Economic and Dean LUMS, Dr. Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, Director IPP Beacon House University Lahore and Sohail Lashari president chamber of commerce also spoke on the occasion.


At the end of the conference, question hour session was also conducted by the chair.