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- Saturday, February 02, 2013 - From Print Edition




LEADERS of different political parties and members of civil society have said that no society can develop if its minority population is ignored by not giving its due right.


Advisor to Punjab CM, Begum Zakiya Shah Nawaz, General Secretary ANP Ihsan Wayen, Advocate Naeem Shakir of PTI, Member Central Executive Committee Awami Workers Party Farooq Tariq, PML-Q MPA Amina Ulfat and Ashi Butt, a representative of eunuch, were among the participants who spoke at a seminar “Election 2013 and participation of religious minority and other neglected sections of the society” organised by Centre for Human Rights Education-Pakistan at Lahore Press Club Friday.


Federal Minister Akram Masih Gill was the chief guest at the occasion.


Naseem Shakir gave an overview about the role of minorities in constitution-making of Pakistan. He said 14 non-Muslims were part of the first constitutional assembly of Pakistan who was assigned to make constitution of the country. He was of the view that Objectives Resolution in 1949 had merged religion and state together.


Zakiya Shah Nawaz said that minority has been a key part of Pakistan and their role should not be undermined. She said that education was the need of the hour to raise standard of our nation at the world’s map. Farooq Tariq said that feudal lords and business class had deprived a large section of the society of basic facilities since the birth of Pakistan. He suggested no retired judge or general should be appointed as caretaker prime minister.


Amina Ulfat said that media had not portrayed the role of female members of parliament in positive way instead it highlighted their petty issues.


Ashi Butt said that they had been kept neglected by other genders for the past 65 years. She said that as they had been given the right of vote so political parties should consider their services as well. She further said that eunuch should also be given representation in the parliament.