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Babar Sattar
Legal eye
The writer is a lawyer based
in Islamabad.
Patriotism is supposed to be a constructive identity meant to make citizens more grounded, and cultivate in them a sense of affinity and empathy for fellow citizens. But the heady ...
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Feisal Naqvi
Nawaz Sharif’s recent trip to the United States was supposed to be a triumph. After all, what more can a Pakistani leader do than return with the promise of more F-16s and refuse limits on our nuclear programme?
Unfortunately for the prime ...
Adnan Adil
Despite the fact that degradation of air quality in the country, in big cities in particular, has assumed alarming proportions, all air quality monitoring stations in the country have been lying shut down for the last six years except the one made ...
Hussain H Zaidi
Every now and then a band of self-styled guardians of the faith in the country go berserk and take to arson or homicide to punish an allegedly blasphemous act.
The latest of such deplorable incidents came about recently in Jhelum, where a mob ...
Azam Khalil
The statistics tell the story. One hundred and thirty people dead, 346 injured. The story of madness in Paris. This phenomenon is not new but the intensity it has achieved is quite frightening. The world needs to wake up to this reality and devise ...
Tom H Hastings
Even some of my favourite doves are advocating a mixed military response to Isis. I can’t agree. The history of our violent response to terrorism began as a trickle, then a stream, then a torrent into Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, ...
Vivid Winters: A party of color and divergence
Vivid Winters: A party of color and divergence
Gul Ahmed
Posted : Nov 21, 2015

Get crisp movie content only on GeoFilms.TV
Get crisp movie content only on GeoFilms.TV
Mazhar Bughio
Posted : Nov 13, 2015

Akbar S Ahmed’s Journey into Europe:  A call for dialogue among Civilizations - Review

Mumtaz Qadri’s punishment upheld
Mumtaz Qadri’s punishment upheld
Mazhar Bughio
Posted : Oct 11, 2015

Christian heroes of 1965’s war and beyond
Christian heroes of 1965’s war and beyond
Nasir Saeed
Posted : Sep 08, 2015