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Dr Maleeha Lodhi
Much has been written about the country’s longest serving ruler, General Ziaul Haq, whose death anniversary passed almost unnoticed a couple of weeks ago. But the comment that has appeared did not throw adequate light on why one of the darkest ...
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Ayaz Amir
Islamabad diary
If the bugles had been sounded on Sunday evening when the corps commanders met, and if what is now an apology of a government had been given its marching orders, no one would have been surprised. A country living on the edge for ...
Owen Bennett-Jones
He was elected. It’s all you need to know. There were lots of reasons not to vote for Nawaz Sharif in 2013. His last government was known not only for its corruption but also its failure to deal with the issues that most bothered the electorate, ...
Mosharraf Zaidi
The Red Zone is still thick with tear gas. There are no fewer than 500 people injured in Poly Clinic and PIMS. Worst of all, at least three people have died from injuries sustained during the storming of the parliament and PM House, directed by ...
Imtiaz Gul
"Political parties make strong demands for the conduct of free and fair elections to legislative bodies, but choose to ignore the application of the same principles when it comes to the functioning of their own party organs."
Quoted by A G ...
Nael Shama
Cities talk, smile, frown, wail and rejoice, but their language can be only heard by those who care to listen. A city’s architecture and art, planning and design, streets and traffic, houses and shacks, signs and billboards, advertisements and ...