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Dr Muhammad Yaqub
The PML-N government has repeatedly stated that it is committed to increasing the rate of economic growth, reducing the rate of inflation and creating balance of payments conditions favourable for stability in the nominal exchange rate. However, ...
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Ayaz Amir
Islamabad diary
Machiavelli held an official position in the Florentine Republic, secretary to the second chancery, from 1498 to 1512. That year the Medici returned to power and Machiavelli was suddenly ousted from office. He went to live on his ...
Dr Sania Nishtar
A special cabinet meeting has been scheduled for today (October 31) to conduct a performance review of all ministries, divisions and departments. In this context, I am offering some reflections from my tenure as federal minister in the interim ...
Aziz Ali Dad
The contemporary society of Gilgit is undergoing an existential crisis begotten by drastic changes and ruptures caused by the forces of modernisation. For the last four decades it has been exposed to a medley of forces which are exogenous, but ...
M Saeed Khalid
Our international cricketer turned politician avoids appearing in the assembly hall, but loves to raise issues in public spaces, surrounded by admirers – of which TV networks only zoom on the ‘fairer sex’. Could it be that the Kaptaan’s method has ...
Iftekhar A Khan
Fleeting moments

Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri’s dharna politics have inflicted untold damage on the national economy and shattered investors’ confidence
After staging a sit-in for 70 days, Allama Tahirul Qadri has called it quits. While ...