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Mosharraf Zaidi
Let’s take a quick survey of the countries involved, either directly or indirectly in the fracas in Yemen. There is Saudi Arabia. This country ranks thirty-fourth (34th) on the Human Development Index. Not bad. Although, I don’t know if the UNDP ...
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Mian Sanaullah
President Ashraf Ghani seems to have succeeded in developing a regional strategy for Afghan stability that capitalises on a shared commitment to Afghanistan and other common interests in the region. To promote convergence between Afghanistan and ...
The prime minister has expressed a vague interest in civil service reform. A few badly planned meetings with the usual retired civil servants have taken place repeating the usual platitudes. Chances are that reform will distort the system, further ...
Ajamu Baraka
The cover of respectability that obscured the brutal and immoral reality of the Israeli colonial project may have been permanently ripped away by Benjamin Netanyahu’s angry declaration that if re-elected, there would never be a Palestinian state ...
M Zeb Khan
Does history really repeat itself? Does it teach any lessons? Yes, but some people prefer or are predisposed to forget history and when it repeats itself they try to make sense of the new occurrence and most often attribute it to random causes. ...
Amy Goodman
What price would you pay not to kill another human being? At what point would you commit the offences allegedly perpetrated by Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was charged with desertion and “misbehaviour before an enemy?”
Bowe Bergdahl was a private ...