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Aijaz Zaka Syed
Dubai eye
So how do you go from being an international pariah for 12 long years to becoming the best friend and partner of Uncle Sam overnight? You know what they say about the greyish world of international relations – no permanent friends and ...
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Ayaz Amir
Islamabad diary
We are transfixed by the symptoms: power cuts, gas shortage, petrol crisis. We are not getting the measure of the underlying crisis, the true problem: this is a clueless and incompetent team, its capacity to run things at an ...
Talimand Khan
Balochistan, a conflict-ridden province blighted by bad governance, law and order issues and monumental backwardness, is beaming with some positive signs of moving in the right direction.
Occupying 44 percent of the country’s land mass, ...
Asad Munir
Saeed Khan, ex-TTP Orakzai Agency, has been appointed commander of the Islamic State for Pakistan and Afghanistan. There are wall chalkings in different cities in support of Abu Bakr Baghdadi. A Syrian, Yousaf al Salafi was arrested from Lahore; he ...
Noman Sattar
President Obama’s long-awaited and much publicised visit to New Delhi has finally materialised. Putting it dramatically: He came, he charmed, he gave, and then left.
The visit brought many memorable moments for New Delhi and Washington alike: ...
Binoy Kampmark
Oxfam’s report, ‘Wealth: Having It All and Wanting More’, has done its fair share of stirring the pot of debate on global inequality. Its timing is not an accident – coming out as that grand talk fest of economic mis-managers, otherwise known as ...