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Amir Zia
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his dream team may not like to acknowledge and face the writing on the wall, but today’s Pakistan craves for sweeping changes in its political, social and economic power structure.
One may differ and argue ...
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Asif Ezdi
In a speech to a think-tank in India last Wednesday, former Afghan president Karzai angrily dismissed fears that his country would become the battleground in a proxy war between Pakistan and India after the imminent departure of the US-led Nato ...
Ershad Mahmud
Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir is all set to hold five-phased assembly elections beginning from November 25 (and up to December 20, 2014). The upcoming elections are significant in many ways. For instance, contrary to the previous elections, ...
Dr A Q Khan
Part - XXI
Random thoughts
In my last two columns I wrote about our well-qualified and trained doctors and nursing staff who took care of all the project staff. Now I would like to turn to the security arrangements put in place to maintain ...
Syed Moazzam Hai
In our unceasing season of political discord and distrust electoral reforms come as the quasi single point of agreement among the sparring political parties – though they deeply differ on the degree and definition of such reforms. The focus of ...
William Blum
This year Washington’s policy may be subject to even more criticism than usual due to the widespread recognition of Cuba’s response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa.
Each fall the UN vote is a welcome reminder that the world has not completely ...