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Mosharraf Zaidi
The good news is that Tahirul Qadri has left D-Chowk. The bad news? The bad news is also that Tahirul Qadri has left D Chowk. It is good news because nothing was going to come of the camping trip that Qadri was leading. His followers deserve better ...
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Aijaz Zaka Syed
Dubai eye
In the past couple of years, there has been a regular stream of opinion pieces and special reports, most of them originating in the west, seeking clues to the big existential puzzle – the mysterious moderation of Indian Muslims. A New ...
Aasim Zafar Khan
First the good news. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the US-led airstrikes over Syria have killed 553 people, of which 464 are fighters for the Islamic State (IS), 57 other militants and 32 civilians.
The bad news, ...
Shahzad Chaudhry
Ask anyone this question on the streets of Pakistan today, driven as they are with adolescent fancy for Imran Khan, and the answer would be a resounding no. But then I define Pakistan very narrowly here; a stretch that begins at Lahore and ends at ...
Hamid Mir
Part - II
Think about the world in 2034. It will have more people than can be effectively sustained by the planet. It will also be short of affordable energy, food and water. South Asian countries may face big ecological threats in the next 20 ...
Cesar Chelala
There is a clear connection between poverty and a lack of education. Although overall access to education has risen markedly over the past decade, poor children are still less likely to attend school or be enrolled in school and also more likely to ...