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Kamila Hyat
In any modern state, law needs to stand at the centre. As philosophers since the times of Plato and his teacher Socrates have pointed out, without the presence of law there can only be anarchy.
It is the law, as written down in our constitution, ...
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Khayyam Mushir
What began as a protest march from the streets of Lahore, by Messrs Qadri and Khan, has finally turned into a Mexican stand-off neither camp had factored into its calculus of probable outcomes. That the Sharifs had committed a string of diplomatic ...
Nadir Hassan
Inteha ho gayi inquilab ki. Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri just don’t know when to call it quits. They call for freedom and revolution, two things that are always achieved with pain, blood and sacrifice.
The unfortunate Model Town incident aside, ...
Hussain H Zaidi
Is Pakistan's democracy, fragile as it is, degenerating into a mobocracy? The theatrics staged by the Qadri-Khan combine, regardless of whether or not they bring the government down, send the assemblies packing, or upset the applecart of democracy, ...
Khusro Mumtaz
Out of my head
As I write this, the Captain is leading his team on to the ground known as the ‘Red Zone’, intent on blowing up the pitch if he doesn’t get the ball in one hand and the bat in the other as well as have the match declared in his ...
Iftekhar A Khan
Imran Khan termed his speech of August 17 as the most important milestone in his life. Everyone thought he was about to drop a bombshell that would seal the government’s fate. But all he came out with was a call for civil disobedience and refusal ...