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Khayyam Mushir
The notion of equality among members of any society is one that concerns political ideals of social justice in the civilised world. It also concerns the assertion of the fact that all men are, as members of the same species, essentially equal, and ...
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Ayaz Amir
Islamabad diary
The Islamic Republic, or the Fortress of Islam, or God’s specially-appointed kingdom – call it what you will…in the realm of fantasy there are no boundaries – was oppressed by two kinds of gloom prior to the army operation, ...
Owen Bennett-Jones
With so many violent conflicts around the world, it sometimes seems that the differences between people are becoming ever wider and starker. Russians and Ukrainians; liberals and Islamists: the Syrian government and its opponents – everywhere there ...
Afiya Shehrbano
As common idioms go, the Pakistani nation is perceived and personified as male. Its female citizens are ‘his’ avatars who are validated through kinship – either by virtue of birth or marriage. This explains how the title of ...
Kathy Kelly
A second round of peace talks between Afghan government officials and Taliban representatives, expected to begin before the end of July, 2015, suggests that some parties to the fighting want to declare a cease fire. But even in the short time since ...
Joseph Mangano
August 6 marks 70 years since the bomber Enola Gay flew over the Japanese city of Hiroshima, with the atomic weapon ’Little Boy’ aboard. The mission unleashed devastation never witnessed before, changing history forever.
Very shortly, a ...