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Kamila Hyat
We have become so accustomed to death, and the many forms it comes in, that it no longer frightens us or creates anything more than a few discussions, some shaking of heads, a small protest – if even that.
Yes, news such as the shooting of Hamid ...
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Jamil Nasir
Elections in the largest democracy of the world started on April 7 and will end on May 12. A notable feature of the ongoing elections in India is that development experiences of various Indian states have taken centre stage in the election ...
Zia Imran
In the absence of a well-thought out strategy, society will not benefit fully from the 3G/4G mobile technology rollout. Access to cost-efficient electronic communication is a citizen’s right and such access must have the attributes of a public ...
Ikram Sehgal
The murderous attack on Raza Rumi in Lahore in which his driver died was claimed by militant extremists, as was the subsequent threat to veteran media personality Imtiaz Alam.
While the motive and responsibility for the dastardly assault on ...
MAK Lodhi
In a democratic polity, difference of opinion is embodied in the very nature of the system. There are always two or more ways to look at an issue or a set of problems.
One of the burning issues the country faces these days is the trial of ...
Patrick Cockburn
A wave of suicide bombings carried out by foreign volunteers entering Iraq from Syria is killing some 1,000 civilians a month, bringing the country back to the brink of civil war.
Many of the bombers are likely to have entered Syria across the ...