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Asif Ezdi
Last week the Nawaz government announced two proposals which if adopted would practically complete the transformation of the Senate from an elected chamber representing the constituent units of the federation – which is what it was designed to be – ...
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Syed Talat Hussain
It was quite an experience. To put tough questions, of the sort that others avoid, to controversial persons heading organisations on the radar of militancy is something journalists wish for. This is what makes our profession so different from the ...
Khusro Mumtaz
Out of my head
So it was a lazy, pleasant afternoon in Saazishabad, the capital of Conspiristan. A cool, gentle breeze was blowing and there wasn’t much going on except for an occasional little mini-dharna here and an odd, piffling dhamaka there ...
Serge Halimi
The Greeks don’t need to have the meaning of the word ‘democracy’ explained to them. Even so, they have been given countless lectures since voting in a leftwing government determined to end the austerity policies that have made their lives a misery ...
Ali Abunimah
Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned speech to Congress next week has led to much talk of a rift between the Israeli prime minister and the US president, and even between their two countries. National security adviser Susan E Rice said the growing ...
Cesar Chelala
Every year, a group of 17 diseases makes life ‘miserable’ for more than one billion people, reports the World Health Organisation. The group of diseases is called Neglected Tropical Diseases, and it includes tropical infections that affect ...