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Dr Maleeha Lodhi
A lively international debate is underway about how to meet the challenge of governance in a more complex, changing world.
Globalisation, diffusion of power and the rise of diverse new actors have made the business of government more difficult. ...
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Ayaz Amir
Islamabad diary
Bigger rallies have been held in London against the Israeli assault on Gaza than anything we are likely to see here. This is a mirror copy of what happened during the Iraq war: huge anti-war rallies in London and New York, and ...
Owen Bennett-Jones
Many westerners who travel to developing countries seem to have a greater desire to lecture than to learn. There are the politicians who fiddle their expenses back home whilst railing against corruption abroad. And the idealistic – and often not ...
Jamil Nasir
According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2013-14, the GDP growth rate has crossed four percent, stated to be the highest in the last six years. Not only opposition parties but some leading economists of the country have challenged this ...
Afiya Shehrbano
Part - I
Any effort at a comparative analysis between postcolonial and post-Partition progress in India and Pakistan provokes a disproportionately defensive reaction. This is not the usual practice of just Pakistani conservatives and ...
Dr Sania Nishtar
Sometimes the rationale of a policy decision becomes apparent long after the actual decision itself. The imperatives created by the polio travel conditionality will help us understand why it was critical to re-establish Pakistan’s Ministry of ...