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- Monday, July 16, 2012 - From Print Edition

Today I would like to highlight the excellent humanitarian and social activities undertaken by two God-fearing philanthropists and social workers in Pakistan, Mr Mahmoodul Haq Alvi of Alvi Trust and Haji Muhammad Hanif Tayyab, chief patron of Al-Mustafa Welfare Society. But for such people, many of the poorest in Pakistan would not be able to get simple medicines and/or medical (and educational) facilities.

I have known Alvi Sahib for almost 35 years and have great respect for him. I consider him to be a good friend. It all started in the seventies at the same time our nuclear enrichment and weapons programme began. We had acquired the Kahuta area. Mr Alvi was chief of a well-known construction company. Brig. Zahid had carefully scrutinised the papers of many contractors and had decided to give the contract of some very important buildings to Mr Alvi. He did an excellent job.

About 10 years ago Mr Alvi invited me to visit a site near the Khanna Bridge on Lehtrar Road. It was a vast piece of land with only a small structure built on it. The open space was being used by truck owners and transporters. Mr Zahid Malik, chief editor of Pakistan Times, was also with us. Mr Alvi spoke of his vision of establishing a fine educational college there for talented poor students from the whole of Pakistan.

On June 13, 2012, I visited the same site at Mr Alvi’s invitation. What a pleasant surprise! I could hardly believe what I saw – huge buildings, an excellent cadet-style college with fine laboratories, classrooms, an auditorium, prayer hall, library, canteen, etc. I felt like I was in a well-run cadet college. The boys were all wearing nice, clean uniforms. I visited the laboratories and talked to students who were doing practicals and I was pleasantly surprised at the level of their knowledge. An impressive function was held in the auditorium, during which I distributed certificates and awards. I also addressed the students, advising them to concentrate on their studies, make the most of the facilities offered, excel in their respective subjects and become good citizens of Pakistan. We also had lunch there and I was informed that the students were served exactly the same food we were having.

The whole complex is spread over 22 acres of land. The chairperson of the College (Alvi Trust College) is Ms Rafila Naz, the tall, slim, pretty, sharp daughter of Mr Alvi. Mr Alvi’s talent of picking up rough diamonds from the sand is apparent from his selection of Brig Maqoudul-Hassan, a highly capable former army officer. He has headed many army cadet colleges and was also director general of the Federal Directorate of Education, Islamabad. He is currently Vice President of Alvi Trust Pakistan with Mr. Alvi as its President.

Alvi Trust Pakistan also runs an eye hospital in Okara, which is fully equipped with all modern facilities. It is associated with the British Royal Ophthalmological Council and provides facilities for British trainees here. About 50 eye operations are performed at this hospital every day and approximately 600 patients are treated every day. In 2011 alone almost 20,000 operations were performed.

Mr Alvi has established the following excellent public service facilities under the Alvi Trust Pakistan: Co-education Model High School, Khanna; Girls Middle School, G-14, Islamabad; Higher Secondary School, Rawalpindi; Girls High School, Okara; Girls High School, Pak Pattan; Boys High School, Pak Pattan; and Co-education Higher Secondary School, Chakwal. Almost 7,000 students are receiving excellent education in these institutions, free of cost.

In addition to the above, the following facilities are run by the Alvi Trust: a hospital at Okara; a TB clinic at Pak Pattan; a free dispensary; mobile dispensary; an industrial school in Rawalpindi; an industrial school in Pak Pattan; an industrial school in Okara; mosque and Islamic centre in Pak Pattan; a Hifzul Quran School, Okara; free transport service in Islamabad; Ali Medico, Islamabad.

All these institutions and social welfare services are highly commendable and are run solely from the funds generated by Mr Alvi’s business interests. Almighty Allah will, no doubt, shower His blessing on Alvi Sahib, his family and his colleagues and staff. May Allah bless them all with long life, good health, prosperity and tranquillity and protect them from all evil – Ameen.

The second important public welfare organisation I would like to draw your attention to is the Al-Mustafa Welfare Society (AWS), Karachi. I visited its facilities on June 23, 2012. The chief patron is Haji Hanif Tayyab, former federal minister and a dear friend. The AWS is one of the best social welfare organisations in Pakistan and takes care of the needs (medical, educational, financial, etc.) of thousands of needy people, which it has been doing since 1983. Doctors, engineers, businessmen, lawyers and people from various walks of life work with it on a voluntary basis. It has offices spread throughout Pakistan providing healthcare, education, emergency aid and the development of talent and skill training. It runs many hospitals, schools, mosques, religious schools, orphanages and technical training centres. They have also provided excellent and prompt assistance to thousands of flood and earthquake victims.

Al-Mustafa Welfare Society runs the following Institutions: a medical centre in Gulshan-e-Iqbal; a medical centre at Shah Faisal Colony; a medical compex at Orangi Town; Muhammad Adamji Mian Noorwala Medical Centre, Malir Town;a medical centre, Dhoraji; Ayub Medical Centre, Korangi; Children’s Planet, Islamabad; ambulance services; a dialysis clinic in Karachi; a thalassemia centre in Karachi; an eye treatment centre in Karachi; a free cleft palate surgery unit in Karachi; maternity homes in Karachi; dental clinics in Karachi; physiotherapy units in Karachi; free vaccination centres all over the country; and aid for the destitute, widows, orphans, the handicapped and mentally challenged.

These institutions provide invaluable and highly commendable services to hundreds of thousands of needy people.

About 12 years ago I visited the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Medical Centre to inaugurate their cardiology department, which had been donated by the well-known businessman and philanthropist, Mr Aqeel Karim Deddy. I recently visited the Centre again on June 12 this year, which was a heart-warming experience. The facilities provided were excellent and I saw adults and children receiving dialysis and blood transfusions. Haji Hanif Tayyab and his colleagues, Mr Abdul Ghani Suleman, Dr Abdul Rahim, Mr Ilyas Memon and all their colleagues are doing an excellent job in providing for the needs of thousand of needy people and patients.

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