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Says CIA, RAW, Mossad are biggest terrorists
- Friday, May 13, 2011 - From Print Edition


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani nation is fully capable of making its own decisions and confront all the challenges and can survive without accepting US aid, said Sadruddin Hashwani, Chairman Hashoo Group, while addressing a news conference here Thursday.


He said that some international powers have been conspiring to break this country since its inception. Hashwani said that thousands of Pakistani civilians have sacrificed their lives for peace and security of the world. He regretted that Pakistan’s efforts are looked at with suspicion by some elements. “On the one hand our armed forces are giving sacrifices in war against terrorism while on the other; blood of common man is being shed. “Our national economy has been devastated yet we have not received our deserved acknowledgment in the world community,” he pointed out.


The Hashoo Group chairman said after the incident of May 2, the country is confronting a harrowing situation. “Unity and integrity is the dire demand of the time. We are a fearless nation, we need to review the situation and devise a strategy along with fulfilment of national and international commitments with sincerity,” he said.


Hashwani said that the only way to move forward is to follow the vision of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in which there’s no place for extremism and terrorism. “We have to answer the questions raised by the world community, we have to be truthful to ourselves and correct our mistakes. Our country’s survival is vested in unity and strong leadership,” he observed.


He said America could not label everything as to what is right and what is wrong. “Who are they? We have to make our decisions in our national interest. Our fight should be for our own country and not for anyone else. We should concentrate on our relations with China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey.”


Hashwani said the Pakistani nation could live without US aid, saying a number of countries are having differences with US but still they are taking care of their people because their strong and honest leadership think of their countries first.


He said that together with military and government, we have to pull the country out from this critical situation. Pakistani ISI and military are the finest and the best institutions of the world. It will be totally unfair for the international community to forget their


He said he was ready to sacrifice his life and assets for the country, saying Pakistan is invincible and this determination can take us out of these crises.


He said that CIA, MOSSAD and RAW were the biggest terrorist organizations who are at the back of large number of innocent killings going on in Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Libya, Iraq and several other countries.