Friday July 19, 2024

Polish envoy commends economic ties with Pakistan

By Jamila Achakzai
April 27, 2024
The National Press Club building in Islamabad. — Facebook/group/npcnews/
The National Press Club building in Islamabad. — Facebook/group/npcnews/

Islamabad: In a significant address at the National Press Club, the Polish ambassador celebrated the burgeoning economic partnership between Pakistan and Poland, emphasising the mutual benefits and promising future prospects.

Expressing his pleasure at visiting the press club, the ambassador lauded Pakistani journalists for their unwavering dedication and hard work. Highlighting the robust cooperation between the two nations, he underscored the surpassing of the $1 billion mark in bilateral trade, signifying the deepening economic ties.

Of notable mention was the surge in Pakistani exports to Warsaw, totalling goods worth $800 million, indicative of Pakistan's growing presence in the Polish market. Additionally, Polish companies' involvement in Pakistan's development, particularly in areas such as climate change and digital technology, was highlighted as a testament to the fruitful collaboration.

The ambassador further encouraged Polish investors to explore opportunities in Pakistan, recognising it as a pivotal market in the EU, especially benefiting from the GSP Plus status. He also commended the long-standing presence of Polish gas companies in Sindh and Balochistan, contributing significantly to the local economy through reinvestment.