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- Sunday, November 13, 2011 - From Print Edition


ABBOTTABAD: The Commission, investigating the May 2 incident, finds some important clues from the interview of


the wife of Abu Ahmad Al-Kuwaiti, an al-Qaeda mem-


ber and courier of Bin Laden to determine about the al-Qaeda chief’s dwelling in the town.


The commission, headed by a former judge of the Supreme Court, conducted interview of Bushra Al-Kuwaiti where she admitted that there were mysterious activities in the neighbour portion, but she was not allowed to enter the other portion of the house.


According to some media reports, a few US officials have stated that American forces were led to Osama bin Laden by his most trusted courier, Kuwait-born man named Sheikh Abu Ahmed that was a shadowy figure for US intelligence.


And for the Commission, the interview of his wife was very important as Al kuwaiti was killed during the operation.


Sources said the commission conducted an exhaustive interview of Bushra Al Kuwaiti where she told the Commission that she was living in the same house where allegedly al-Qaeda chief was residing, but the house was divided into two portions, and the major portion of the house was occupied by the persons unknown to her.


A wall was especially constructed to divide the house, and there was only a walk through gate to enter the other portion.


The gate was in the middle of the wall inside the house, but that was permanently locked from the other side and there was even no breach to peep into the other side.


She further said that Al Kuwaiti restricted her not to put any question to him about the neighbours reason that this was not the job of the housewife, and he said to her to confine herself to the kitchen.


Her husband strictly banned her from asking any question about the neighbours, so she never tried to know who was living in the other side of the house.


Al-Kuwaiti’s wife further told the Commission that she never saw Osama bin Laden in their house.


Their house-neighbours were strictly confined within their own portion of the compound and never came out of the house.


The activities of inhabitants of the other side were mysteriously hidden to her.


She further told the Commission that before coming to Abbottabad, they had been living in Karachi and then shifted to Swat and finally came to Abbottabad.


This information also gave some important hints to the Commission about their residence, and the Commission is probing the matter from this angle.