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Six terrorists of ‘RAW-backed separatist group of Balochistan’ arrested

July 19, 2020

In a major breakthrough, the Karachi police on Saturday claimed to have foiled a major possible terror activity in the port city by arresting six members of the same ‘RAW-backed’ group that was behind the June 29 attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) in the city.

The suspects were being backed, funded and trained by India’s spy agency, RAW, and other members of this group were involved in carrying out attacks on the PSX and the Chinese consulate, police said, adding that sleeper cells backed by hostile intelligence agencies, particularly RAW, existed in Karachi and its surrounding areas.

“We are going to share with you good news that we have arrested six terrorists of a nationalist party of the Balochistan, Baloch Raaji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS), from Karachi,” said District West’s Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Fida Hussain Janwari while speaking at a press conference at his office on Saturday evening.

Presenting the alleged terrorists before the media, he said they wanted to target key installations in the city.

The police official said that the police had seized an Awan bomb, explosive material and weapons from the possession of the suspects. “This outlawed organisation is running its activities from Afghan soil and is also involved in attacking security forces in Balochistan,” he claimed. “We arrested the culprits and they have admitted Indian’s spy agency RAW’s support for their organisation.”

SSP Janwari further said RAW was providing training and logistics and monetary support to the outlawed group.

Sharing details of the arrests, he said the police had worked jointly with the intelligence agencies to track the perpetrators of the PSX attack and it emerged that those who attacked the building were trained by the Indian spy agency. He alleged that RAW was planning terror attacks in Pakistan and the arrested suspects wanted to target security agencies and police personnel.

SSP Janwari said an attack was carried out on the Chinese consulate in Karachi on November 11, 2018, and Balochistan Liberation Army commander Aslam Achchu was the mastermind of the attack, who was later killed in Afghanistan. However, Achchu’s brother, Bashir Zaib, who is now a commander of the BLA, planned an attack in Afghanistan, but all of the facilitators and terrorists were arrested by intelligence agencies and police.

“Now the same outlawed organisation attempted to target the PSX and its planning was also made by Bashir Zaib, but the police timely took action and killed all the four attackers within eight minutes,” the officer said. “This organsiation’s sleeper cells exist in Karachi and its surroundings and it is using and activating these sleeper cells to carry out attacks.”

SSP Janwari said foreign spy agencies, particularly India’s RAW, had been found involved in the recent wave of terrorism in the country and these foreign spy agencies were using nationalist parties to create unrest and carry out terror activities while targeting sensitive installations.

“The intelligence agencies, along with the police, have found after day and night’s hectic efforts and after gathering evidence that the attackers who attacked the PSX were trained by RAW. It is also confirmed that hostile intelligence agencies are also engaged in planning terror activities to sabotage peace in Pakistan and to disrupt the CPEC, and they are using terrorists of nationalist parties to carry out attacks on intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies and their installations.”

The six arrested terrorists were identified as Sherhan, son of Syed Khan, Karim Bukhsh, son of Dil Jan, Dilshad, son of Ali Sher, Moran Khan alias Molo, Dur Khan and Amir Bukhsh.

A few days ago, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday arrested a key operative of a sleeper cell of India’s prime intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

The anti-terrorism wing of the FIA arrested Zafar, a key member of the RAW sleeper cell from Karachi. The suspect received terror-related training from the Mehmood Siddique group in New Delhi, India.