Friday June 09, 2023

684 social media IDs objectionable

By our correspondents
July 07, 2017

LAHORE: The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) reported 684 objectionable pages and IDs of both Facebook and Twitter during its strike against anti-state, anti-social, blasphemous and sectarian warmongering elements on social media.

According to a handout, following strict observation protocols, and in line with acceptable social media code of conduct, the PSCA took this action during first six months of the current year.

At least 128 of such pages and IDs were identified as provocative and unacceptable according to defined standards of laws and socio-religious ethics and were permanently shut down; the remaining, of those reported, are subject to a scrupulous check hitherto.

PSCA’s premier project PPIC3 is a consolidated hub of integrated policing regulating swift Emergency & Police response. PPIC3 has its own Media Monitoring Cell that monitors electronic, print and social media round-the-clock, pivoting in pursuit of all heretic, offbeat and prosecutable by law opinion-makers.