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State bodies should work within constitutional ambit: Fazlur Rahman

Fazlur Rahman said all the state institutions should work within the ambit of the Constitution

By Bureau report & News Desk
July 31, 2022
Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) President Maulana Fazlur Rahman. File photo
Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) President Maulana Fazlur Rahman. File photo

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) President Maulana Fazlur Rahman on Saturday said all the state institutions should work within the ambit of the Constitution.

Addressing a gathering here, he said it was the demand of the PDM that the establishment should remain neutral and the prime minister was working along with the institutions under him. He said that they did not have any complaints against the institutions, rather they had complaints against some individuals. They would not surrender and would continue to wage political and constitutional struggle. He asked whether the three judges of the Supreme Court would hear all the cases.

Maulana Fazl said that the one who was seeking votes for an Israeli candidate was now talking about independence. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had ruined the Pashtun culture and traditions, he added.

Fazlur Rahman said the PTI received funding from India and Israel. He said that if needed he would not hesitate to fight this misguided group of people. He said people were joining Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl and his party was becoming poplar day by day. “This is real popularity. The popularity confined to social media is not real,” he remarked.

He said that under a conspiracy, the young generation was being misguided and obscenity was being spread in the society. The Maulana said foreign NGOs were spending money on the PTI. He said the so-called regime change narrative stood exposed. The foreign powers had not ousted Imran Khan from power rather they helped bring him to power.

He deplored that the elite class in Pakistan supported Imran Khan. He said that ousting Imran from power was not enough, he should be defeated completely. It was the duty of Ulema to guide the youth to the right path. The Maulana said the judiciary was a respectable institution, but if a judge became controversial and favoured one party, this would have far-reaching consequences.

APP adds: The JUIF chief vowed to fight against Imran Khan, saying that the PTI chairman was “imposed” on us under a foreign agenda. “We are fully prepared to fight Imran Khan who is a threat to our culture and Pashtun tradition.”

Maulana Fazl further said that popularity could not be achieved by launching misleading campaigns on social media, adding that the only way to win the confidence of people was to respect their wishes. “We fully respect the judiciary as a vital national institution. In fact, we are bound to respect the judiciary due to its role and position,” he said, adding, “Our forefathers fought wars for this country and we will not accept usurpation of any kind.” The JUIF chief said his party would continue its struggle for protecting the rights of people and foil the foreign agenda of PTI. Imran Khan was deceiving people by propagating the notion of conspiracy against political opponents. “In reality, it was he (Imran Khan) who was imposed on our country through a conspiracy.”

Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that the opposition was not scared of anyone, no matter how much they are powerful or are a part of any organisation.

At a press conference in Peshawar, the JUIF chief said that the allied parties will fight a political and constitutional war instead of surrendering. “The coalition government will not become anyone’s slave,” he told the institutions, reported Geo News.

The PDM chief said that the coalition government will not get bullied by anyone. “All the allied parties will contest together in the by-elections,” he added.

Talking about the current deteriorating situation of the country, Fazl said that he did not know that the situation had turned worse. “The PTI had struck such deals with the international institutions which they are not obeying now and due to lack of trust, the International Monetary Fund and the United States are creating issues for the government,” said the JUIF chief.

Talking about the alleged foreign conspiracy, the PDM chief said, “A US consulate has been paying the rent of Imran Khan’s house for nine years and money was taken by India and Israel in the foreign funding case.”