Wednesday October 05, 2022

National Parks Service to be launched to protect green areas

By Our Correspondent
December 28, 2021

Islamabad: The climate change ministry is going to launch a National Parks Service to protect and preserve forest cover and wildlife species in forty five national parks of the country.

According to the details shared by the climate change ministry, the proposal to launch National Parks Service has been approved and now modalities are being sorted out to launch it in the coming days.

Under the National Parks Service, the youngsters who have a passion to protect natural environment would be engaged and trained after which they would be given responsibility to work as green workers in the national parks.

The ministry is also finalizing management plans for the national parks and all these youngsters who would be hired would work in line with these plans that would focus on preservation and promotion of green areas.

An official said National Parks Service would help generate thousands of green jobs for the youngsters and it would help reduce unemployment in the country. “The purpose of this new initiative is also to engage the local communities because their participation is necessary to implement the plans prepared to protect green spaces in the national parks,” he said. He said “We have generated the funds required for this initiative to be launched in line with the green vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.”