Wednesday September 22, 2021

Killing of mosque Imam in Germany not hate-crime incident

ISLAMABAD: The Imam of mosque in German city Stuttgart Shahid Nawaz Qadri who was assassinated three days ago wasn’t victim of hate-crime, but it was the result of family feud.

Qadri who was a taxi driver and part time assistant Imam of a Stuttgart, capital of southwest Germany’s Baden-Württemberg state mosque was having stroll in evening with his German wife on riverbank when they were hit from back. The sources in Frankfurt told The News Wednesday that Shahid Nawaz Qadri 26 who belonged to Punjab city Gujrat had German wife with two small children fall victim of unknown assassins. He died on the spot since his head was hit from the rare while his wife suffered injuries but survived. She was earlier married to an Albanian and had a child from him. S

hahid Nawaz and his wife celebrated birthday of his wife’s child from the previous husband recently where some untoward situation developed, and the matter was hushed up. The Police are investigating to find cause of the assassination, but it hasn’t reached any conclusion. It has however made it clear that it was not the incident of any hate-crime. Pakistan’s consul general Zahid Hussain in Frankfurt rushed to the area on the instructions of ambassador in Germany Dr. Muhammad Faisal Chaudhary and gathered information around the circumstances of the gory incident.

The embassy is trying to retrieve the dead body from Police authorities for making arrangements for its transportation back to Pakistan.