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Man kills wife, three daughters in Karachi, say police

Man killed his wife and three daughters by slitting their throats with a knife before attempting suicide

November 30, 2022
Man kills wife, three daughters in Karachi. Representational image
Man kills wife, three daughters in Karachi. Representational image 

KARACHI: In a heart-wrenching incident, a man killed his wife and three daughters by slitting their throats with a knife before attempting suicide on Tuesday.

The gruesome incident took place at a house located in Shamsi Society, Malir. After receiving information, police and rescue staff reached the house and transported the bodies to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre.

The deceased were identified as 42-year-old Huma (mother) and her three daughters, ten-year-old Nimra, 16-year-old Neha and 12-year-old Fatima.

Police found 45-year-old Fawad, son of Aslam, in critical condition. In the two bedroom apartment, the bodies of the mother and two daughters were found in one room and the body of the third daughter was found in another room.

While ruling out the possibility of any outsider behind the murders, police officials suspected Fawad to have committed the killings. The preliminary investigation suggested that Fawad, the head of the family, killed them before trying to take his own life as the house was locked from inside after the incident. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

“Circumstantial evidence indicated the suspect was behind the killings,” said Korangi SSP Sajid Sadozai. Initial investigations showed that Fawad, who worked as a sales manager at a private firm, killed his family. He went to work in the morning and apparently killed his wife and daughters after a quarrel after he came back earlier than usual.

Fawad’s family was living on the first floor while his brother’s family was living on the ground floor. His brother was on job at the time of the incident. The sister-in-law heard the shrieks of Fawad’s wife and went upstairs but the door was locked. The family members then entered the house after breaking the lock of the door and found them all in pool of blood.

Experts from the Crime Scene Unit recovered a knife from the house. The police investigators were also recording the statements of Fawad’s family members, his in-laws and neighbours.

Initially, there were reports that Fawad often quarrelled with his wife but the police also interviewed his mother, who claimed Fawad did not have any serious issue with his wife. She added Fawad had not received his salary for the last four months.

Later, injured Fawad recorded his confessional statement to the police. In his initial statement to the police, Fawad said that he was depressed because of financial issues. “I was tired of explaining it to my wife. I decided to kill everyone and kill himself.” The postmortem suggests stab wounds on the throats of the victims.