Monday December 04, 2023

Prince Harry 'loses cool' to question on 'The Crown'

Prince Harry started off the chat 'relaxed' but 'lost control' after The Crown question

November 18, 2023

Prince Harry, who's enjoying life with his wife and two children in the US after striking multi-million dollar deal with a streaming service following his exit from the royal family in 2020, appeared losing control on The Crown during his TV interview.

The Duke of Sussex, who has been in trouble since the final season of the show aired on Thursday, lost his control when asked question on the hit dram series.

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Meghan Markle's husband sat down for an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show in January 2023 to promote his tell-all memoir, Spare. There Colbert asked the royal whether he had watched the royal drama to which the King's younger son replied: "Yes I have actually watched The Crown, the older stuff and the more recent stuff."

Harry was then asked if he fact-checks the show to which he said: "Um, yes I do actually."

Prince Harry loses cool to question on The Crown

Now, body language expert Judi James claimed the duke started off the chat "relaxed" but "lost control" after The Crown question.

She told The Mirror: "This chat-show appearance was Harry at his best: seemingly relaxed and funny, he clearly adored being in the spotlight and marinated in the noisy audience support like a man who had finally come face-to-face with his own fanbase."

She went on explaining: "He seemed un-shockable right up to this point where he was asked about The Crown and despite his facial expressions retaining the aura of being a chilled, down-to-earth fun guy, his hands and leg movements told a contrasting story of unease and of losing control of the interview."

It comes after Netflix, the streaming service which still continues its deal with Meghan and Harry, released the first part of its sixth and final season on Thursday, featuring the last months of Princess Diana's as well as her death in 1997 after a car crash in Paris.

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Sharing her thoughts on Harry's reaction, Jodi said Prince William's elder brother presented himself as the "cool royal" who was "prepared to spill any amount of tea if he was asked the right questions.

"The lower half of his body is looking much less smug though. His body language leakage signals suggest genuine discomfort at this point. He rubs his hand on his leg and then crosses his legs in a barrier ritual that suggests he secretly prefers to change the subject."