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Imran sold three gifted watches to local dealer

One Rolex Platinum watch gifted by a member of a royal family from a Gulf island was sold by Imran Khan for Rs5.2 million

June 29, 2022
Former prime minister Imran Khan. Photo: The News/File
Former prime minister Imran Khan. Photo: The News/File

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Imran Khan sold three watches from Toshakhana collectively worth more than Rs154 million to a local watch dealer, The News has learnt.

Details of an official inquiry shared with this correspondent reflect Imran Khan earned millions of rupees from these jewel-class watches gifted to him by foreign dignitaries. These watches are in addition to the ones reported earlier in the media.

The most expensive watch — more than Rs101 million value — was retained by the-then prime minister at 20 percent of its value after his government amended the Toshakhana rules and settled the gift retention price at 50 percent of its original value.

Instead of buying those gifted jewel watches from Toshakhana from his own pocket, the ex-prime minister first sold the watches and then deposited 20 percent of each in the government treasury, reveals documents and sale receipts available with this scribe.

Apparently, these gifts were never deposited in Toshakhana. The gift received by any government official is to be reported immediately, so its value is assessed. And after that the recipient deposits specific amount if he wants to keep it.

Toshakhana documents reveal the former prime minister earned Rs36 million from the sale of these three expensive watches gifted by visiting dignitaries from friendly Gulf countries. A real windfall profit was earned through sale of a watch gifted to him by a high dignitary from Middle East. This watch was officially assessed at Rs101 million. Former prime minister had declared he sold it for Rs51 million and deposited Rs20 million in the government treasury, thus earning a whopping Rs31 million. This reflects the watch was sold at half the price of its actual worth.

It is pertinent to mention here that this watch was sold on January 22, 2019 after the-then PTI government amended the Toshakhana rules and made retaining price of any gift at 50 percent from 20 percent of its assessed value.

One Rolex Platinum watch gifted by a member of a royal family from a Gulf island was sold by Imran Khan for Rs5.2 million. This expensive gift, as per the Toshakhana rules, was assessed by official evaluators for Rs3.8 million. He deposited in the government treasury 20pc of the value amounting to Rs0.75 million, earning almost Rs4.5 million profit by selling this watch. This watch was sold in November 2018, two months after it was gifted to him.

Another Rolex watch gifted by a dignitary from the same Gulf island was sold by the former prime minister for Rs1.8 million. The official value assessed for this watch was Rs1.5 million. The former PM paid Rs0.29 million, earning another profit of Rs1.5 million from this deal.

All these gifts were sold to a local watch dealer. The record has the sale receipts along with pictures of these luxury watches. This scribe contacted PTI leaders Fawad Chaudhry and Shahbaz Gill through calls and messages to take their view regarding the matter, but none of them responded. The question which The News asked from Fawad Chaudhry and Shahbaz Gill was, "Dear sir, it has been learned that being PM Imran Khan sold three additional luxury watches to a watch dealer in F-7, Islamabad. I have a few queries regarding the matter. If you please spare some time and answer them.

1) Imran Khan retained one watch at 20 percent of its assessed value when his government had amended the retaining price at 50 percent of the original value of the gift. This watch was retained on January 2019 after your government amended the Toshakhana rules in December 2018. Please comment and explain why rules were not followed?

2) Imran Khan did not deposit these three watches in Toshakhana and deposited money on the day he sold them. Why he kept the gifts to himself? Please comment. Your immediate response will be highly appreciated and regarded.

Responding to the Toshakana controversy, former prime minister Imran Khan had said they were his gifts, so it was his choice whether to keep them or not. "Mera tohfa, meri marzi (my gift, my choice)," the PTI chairman told reporters during an informal conversation.

The issue came to light when Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said Imran Khan, during his tenure, sold the Toshakhana gifts in Dubai worth Rs140 million. According to reports, the former premier received 58 gifts worth more than Rs140 million from the world leaders during his three-and-a-half-year stint and retained all of them either by paying a negligible amount or even without any payment.

Former information minister Fawad Chaudhry had also stated that “selling one’s own assets (after purchasing them from Toshakhana) is not a crime”. “These gifts were purchased by Imran Khan and (after he became their owner) he can sell his assets. So there is nothing wrong with it,” he had claimed.


    Khalid Nafees commented 3 months ago

    That was his perquisite and he was legally and morally allowed to sell or keep or destroy these gifts.

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      Jawaid Butt commented 3 months ago

      Biz he was introducing a new model of “ Riyasat e Madina “

      Aamir Khan commented 3 months ago

      No one is allowed to sell gifts from Toshakhana.

      Damian kane commented 3 months ago

      These "gifts" amount to nothing but bribes/favours.

      Jalal Pasha commented 3 months ago

      Give IK a break, please. Bani Gala is a huge space and IK's not in govt. anymore; how would he manage expenses from his pocket for its maintenance? Brutal nation, always criticizing a clean man who gave it ALL for Shaukat Khanum and still spends millions through a karamat.

      Hamza commented 3 months ago

      Says where? Have you read Toshakhana Rules? It doesn't say what is allowed or not allowed after retention of gift.

      Hamza commented 3 months ago

      Butt sahb better than the riyasat e Rai Wind.

      عمر راجپوت commented 3 months ago

      Can someone tell me if a thief sells something then it is called profit or the price of the stolen item and yes the price of a watch is 100 million then how can I sell it in 5.1? If he could, why not if the shopkeeper could have been punished for his misconduct? I feel sorry for these beggars.

      Buy a smaller house if you don’t have money for its upkeep commented 3 months ago

      Buy a smaller house if you don’t have money for its upkeep

      Shahzad commented a month ago

      Than why we were giveen sermons of honesty and riasat e madina...Dual personality...shakal momineen and kartoot kafreen...suits him...

    Mahnaz Qaiser commented 3 months ago

    Dear Sir, also write about the details of cases against the Sharifs and the Zardaris and Mullah. Try sending them a questionnaire too.

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      Jawaid Butt commented 3 months ago

      Everyone involved in proven corruption must be brought to book for having a lesson to others, not by merely allegations

      Aamir Khan commented 3 months ago

      Plz, Don't divert. Be on the same news. No one is allowed. Why he was saying I m non-corrupt?

      Jalal Pasha commented 3 months ago

      Because he is handsome; isn't it enough?

      Hamza commented 3 months ago

      Does this prove his corruption? He paid the required prices.

    Tayyaba Arshad commented 3 months ago

    It was his gift. At least he did not loot money from public. you guys are trying so hard to find corruption cases against him that now someone selling his gifts is an issue. Get a life. send questionnaire to Shahbaz, Nawaz and Zardari for looting us for so many years.

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    Zia commented 3 months ago

    Imran khan proved himself cheap by doing this. He has been badly exposed after coming to power.

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      Humza commented 3 months ago

      Badly exposed? How? He paid to retain the gifts. And he spent the money on his house or to make roads in GB what's wrong with that

    Nasser Yousaf commented 3 months ago

    See who is making the loudest noise against thievery, the thief in chief himself. Why is the title Sadiq and Ameen not being withdrawn?

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    seeminahmed commented 3 months ago

    jo isko asmaani ottaar samejhtey wo zera yeh battaein kiyu nahi uss ney tosha khana ka samaan bech ker wo raqem kisi public service per lugayee ager itna hi kher khaw tha iss merey ghareeb mulk ka seb sey burra nadeeda or lalchi tou yeh khud hua na

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      Jalal Pasha commented 3 months ago

      Bibi aap ne Bani Gala ka kharcha dekha hai? Kahan se ghareeb pura karay. Kuch to rehem khayen larkay pe, handsome jo hai.

    Adnan Anwar commented 3 months ago

    He paid 50% of the value compared to 15% that PMl-N and PPP have paid for toshakhana gifts.

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      Naseem Ahmed Khan commented 3 months ago

      Apparently, you have difficulty comprehending what's written: IK paid 20%, not 50%. He did not even deposit the gifts. He sold them first ( at this time it was not his property, it was GOP's). This is stealing.

      Ammar Ehsan commented 3 months ago

      Lol 50% wla rule to PMLN KA THA RULE 15% PR IMRAN NE KIA

    Mohammad Yaqoob Awan commented 3 months ago

    میں کم از کم عمران خان سے یہ توقع نہیں کرتا کہ عمران خان جیسا بندہ جو ہر وقت دوسروں پر کرپشن کے حوالے سے تنقید کرتا رہتا ہے توشہ خانے گفٹس بیچ کر پیسے کمائے گا۔

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    Farina saboor commented 3 months ago

    In the modren era of 2022, If an intellectual and educated person supports "sharif khandan", wallahi then I don't know where are we going as a nation.

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    Khalid commented 3 months ago

    Most dishonest PM, he must be punished for dishonesty lifetime disqualified along all involved in this dirty game incl secretary Estab he is custodian of toshakhana

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