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Harvard Business School publishes case study on KASB Securities

October 16, 2021

KARACHI: Harvard Business School Publishing as published a case study, titled KASB Securities – Reclaiming its Position as a Leading Brokerage of Pakistan.

The case study has been written by Dr. Adeel Zafar, Fazal Jawad Seyyed, and Hafsa Ashfaq of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

This is the first case study on a Pakistani fintech company and a stock brokerage which has been published by LUMS and Harvard Publishing.

The case tracks the journey, challenges and strategic options which were facing, the founders of the company as they relaunched KASB Securities as a digital focused stock brokerage. The case study can be found on Harvard Business Publishing (click here for the link).

KASB is one the oldest capital markets institution in Pakistan, established in 1953. It was relaunched in 2018 by Ali Farid Khwaja and Mahmood Bukhari. KASB’s mission is to democraticize investments and help people improve their financial wellbeing by providing them with access to investment products and financial education.

“As an alumnus of LUMS, I am delighted that a case on Pakistan’s stock market will be available to students. We are humbled that our journey and mission has been chronicled as we think access to investment products is necessary for both financial wellness of the people and also for economic progress of Pakistan. Our team is on a mission to transform Pakistan’s capital markets and we think digital tools such as KTrade app can bring investment access to everyone”. Said Ali Farid Khwaja, Chairman of KASB Securities.