Saturday September 18, 2021

BKU security guard sacked for disclosing ordeal

September 15, 2021

CHARSADDA: A security guard of the Bacha Khan University, Charsadda, was sacked after he disclosed his ordeal to the media following a severe torture on him by armed men at the institution.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Salim Khan, a security guard at the Bacha Khan University, Charsadda, said that he was on duty when he saw seven armed men were busy cutting the razor-wire on the boundary wall and were trying to intrude on August 27 last.

He said he rushed to the spot and asked the gunmen not to cut the razor-wire.

Upon this, he said the gunmen grabbed him and severely tortured him and then fled the scene.

The security guard said that he was then taken to the District Headquarters Hospital, Charsadda, in an unconscious condition from where he was referred to the Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar, because of his precarious condition.

Salim Khan said he was sacked when he went to the media after the university administration even did not bother to inquire after his health while he was in hospital.

He said he fell unconscious when the university administration sent him a show-cause notice.

He said the university administration should have commended his sacrifices and services but instead they removed him from service.

He appealed to the high-ups to order an impartial probe into the matter and reinstate him on his job.