Monday September 20, 2021

MRCA condemns PCB’s ‘illegal’ practices

July 31, 2021

LAHORE: Movement for Restoration of Cricket and Associations (MRCA) has condemned what it calls Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) illegal practices of implementing and taking forward its so-called plan through handpicked, mostly cricket illiterate and corruption-tainted associations.

In a rebuttal to the meeting of PCB and the First Boards of six associations, MRCA spokesperson Tariq Sarwar declared the July 27 confluence “throwing dust in public eyes”.

“It is unfortunate that all unelected, handpicked officials of both the sides are engaged in deciding the future of action for the regional and grassroots cricket,” he said.

“We believe that wasting 3 crucial years and PCB’s failure to organise cricket through elected representatives is an unpardonable crime,” said the MRCA official. “This kind of incompetency and nonprofessional administration has been costing Pakistan dearly at international level. MRCA condemned appointments of blue-eyed, nonelected and handpicked people,” he added.

The MRCA spokesperson said that the entire process of club registration, appointment of coaches at regional and city level was done under political influence.

Reiterating the MRCA demand for the restoriation of 2014 constitution, the spokesperson said Grant Bradburn had failed to do anything significant at the National High Performance Centre (NHPC).

“NHPC and a fleet of coaches have produced only motu gang which has become a laughing stock in England,” he said.

He said the inter-city cricket being played after politically-influenced selection of teams showed the poor quality throughout the country in a rainy season.

MRCA demanded the resignation of the chairman of PCB, its CEO, COO, Director HPC and Domestice Cricket, Director International Cricket and BoGs.

MRCA said that granting another three years to Ehsan Mani and CEO Wasim Khan would be very “harmful” for the already “grossly damaged” Pakistan cricket.