Friday October 22, 2021

Trains’ arrival, departure delayed

July 25, 2021

LAHORE : Train operation in the railway system could not return to normal as trains arriving in Lahore and from Lahore to Karachi were delayed for hours.

Trains from Quetta and Karachi to Lahore were delayed. According to a railway inquiry, Shah Hussain was delayed for three hours and twenty minutes. Pak Business, Karachi Express two hours, Tezgam one hour and fifty minutes, Jaffar Express one hour forty-five minutes, Allama Iqbal one hour twenty-minutes, Farid Express one hour ten-minutes, Green Line, Karakoram and Khyber Mail one hour. On the other hand, operation of Jinnah Express from Lahore to Karachi was canceled. Passengers of Jinnah Express were accommodated in Karakoram while Shah Hussain Express left Lahore for Karachi at 8:45pm instead of 7:30 pm.