Saturday November 27, 2021

Improving security

July 21, 2021

Given the evil designs of our enemies across the borders and strong opposition by world powers to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), there is a dire need to improve our security apparatus and ensure that its focus is solely on the dangers imposed by external enemies. The handling of the Dasu incident leaves much to be desired. This habit of issuing statements within hours of any incident by certain ministers and spokespersons caused embarrassment in the past, and has done so in the Dasu incident as well. No official statement should be made until investigation officers have made reliable conclusions. This over-zealous activism by responsible individuals, including ministers, to issue statements creates doubts in the minds of our foreign friends, especially when their citizens are victims of any untoward incident.

The recent incident of the alleged harassment of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter in Islamabad should be a wakeup call for state institutions. We must realise the grave dangers that confront us and ensure that undesirable aliens are not allowed to enter our country through border check-posts, seaports and airports. It is through these loopholes that smuggling takes place in our country, creating shortages of essential food items. Also, these loopholes allow certain elements to smuggle weapons into the country to facilitate terrorism.

Malik Tariq Ali