Saturday November 27, 2021

Power delegation

July 21, 2021

In an underdeveloped country like Pakistan, the rising percentage of rural to urban migration is a given. Many people migrate to urban cities in search of high-paying jobs. Being the economic and financial hub of Pakistan, Karachi has seen an influx of people from rural areas into the city in search of better employment opportunities. However, the city’s present infrastructure is unable to meet the needs of this large number of people. The city’s transportation system is obsolete; its law-and-order situation is getting worse, and other local issues are making citizens’ lives miserable. If the city remains without a powerful and strong elected local government, the situation will become even worse. There is a dire need to have a strong local government system. The city’s mayor should have the power to govern all local institutions. Otherwise, disasters like the 2020 urban flooding will continue to wreak havoc on the city, and Karachi will continue to be ranked among the world’s least livable cities.

Irtiza Ali