Tuesday February 07, 2023

Total abandonment

December 05, 2022

Recently, while watching the news, I saw some VIPs visiting the flood victims and making sure they were seen handing out relief goods and making promises. It seemed like the whole exercise was about them. Once the show was over, the stream reverted back to the usual stream of jalsas, cases and court appearances.

It seems that our leadership will only pay attention to the flood victims if there is something in it for them. Meanwhile, the media appears to have judged the flood victims to be poor ratings material, unless some bigwig is nearby. They just don’t cut it for prime time, I guess. As the nights get colder and we huddle tighter for warmth, we should remain thankful that we have a blanket and a roof over our heads. Many will have to make it through this winter without such luxuries. Yes, a blanket and a roof is now a luxury in Pakistan.

Malik ul Quddoos