Thursday April 18, 2024

King Charles reaffirms his position in response to rumours about Kate’s health

Speculations continue to pick up steam as the royal family is mired in one crisis after other

By Web Desk
March 03, 2024
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King Charles and Kate Middleton continue to fuel comparisons about their respective approaches to deal with their current health conditions.

While the monarch frequently steps out and about to reassure royal watchers about his health after being diagnosed with cancer, the Princess of Wales has been off the grid for the last two months.

Former palace communications secretary Alisa Anderson appeared to respond to the swirling speculations about royal family’s reluctance to appease the public about Kate’s health, all while the King remains front and center of the monarchy.

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"He is the head of state. He's also the head of state to various realms and Commonwealth countries, so he is in a different position to the Princess of Wales" she said, according to Sky News.

"It's got to be done by a case by case episode,” Alisa explained, noting that the palace was swarmed with calls and messages when the late Prince Phillip attended an engagement with a plaster on his hand.

She continued of King Charles: “He is the monarch. He's been very, very open about his treatment. We still don't know what sort of cancer he has got. But we're not getting that same level of, frankly, vile speculation on social media and in the press that the Princess of Wales is getting and people should literally give her a break."