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Inside Princess Kate's 'frustrating' recovery period as suspicion grows

The Princess of Wales underwent 'planned abdominal surgery' on January 16

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February 24, 2024
Inside Princess Kates frustrating recovery period as suspicion grows
Inside Princess Kate's 'frustrating' recovery period as suspicion grows

Princess Kate reportedly left 'frustrated' due to her prolonged recovery period after 'planned abdominal surgery.'

As reported by the Star magazine, the Princess of Wales 'desperately' wants to get back to her royal duties. 

An insider shared, "She’s always been in very good health and athletic, so not being able to jump out of bed and move around has been hard on her."

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The source added, "She had delicate surgery and she’s trying to follow doctor’s orders to let it heal and not doing anything that would agitate the area."

"On one hand, it’s been nice to rest, but having to sit by and watch others do her work has been frustrating," the report further said. 

These comments came amid the rising suspicion about Catherine's health condition. 

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For the unversed, the mother-of-three underwent serious abdominal surgery on January 16.

Kensington Palace issued an official statement on January 17, informing about the future Queen's health update.

It was also shared that Kate will commence her royal commitments after Easter.