Tuesday April 16, 2024

Prince Harry ‘accused of lying’ in ‘Spare’ to curb US visa legal troubles

Prince Harry recounted personal anecdotes that involved recreational drug use in his memoir 'Spare'

By Web Desk
February 24, 2024

Prince Harry is currently facing some distressing legal troubles concerning his US visa after his explosive memoir, Spare, hit the shelves last year in January.

The Heritage Foundation is demanding that the Duke of Sussex’s US visa application be revisited, because Harry admitted to drug use in his memoir. 

 However, US Federal lawyers argued that the memoir is not solid “proof” that Harry took drugs, implying that the duke may have lied on the book to boost sales.

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John Bardo, a lawyer for the Biden administration, told the court that “the book isn’t sworn testimony or proof.”

“Just saying something in a book doesn’t necessarily make it true,” he added. “Prince Harry is one foreign national out of many who enter the US legally.”

In the counter argument, Samuel Dewey, for the Heritage Foundation, argued, “Spare is a valid admission, the Duke has confirmed its accuracy.”

In the memoir, the father of two recounted personal anecdotes that involved recreational drug use, which ae now a basis of the lawsuit filed against him.

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The suit attempts to prove that the “DHS is giving special treatment to high-profile celebrities, and this is probably the most high-profile celebrity out there who's been in the United States,” per Dewey.

It remains to be seen if Prince Harry’s US visa would be safe under the circumstances.