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King Charles, William ‘united’ against Prince Harry’s ‘persistent betrayal’

Prince William and King Charles are reportedly skeptical about Prince Harry's royal return

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February 22, 2024
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Prince Harry should not expect his estranged father King Charles and brother Prince William to forget the past few years and welcome him back into the royal family with open arms.

In the latest episode of Royal Report podcast, royal commentator Jack Royston reflected on the Duke of Sussex’s public olive branch to his family during interview with Good Morning America.

He also addressed the recent The Times report, in which it was revealed that Harry was considering pitching in for royal duties to compensate for the lack of working royals.

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However, his offer was rebuffed by royal experts and commentators, who accused him of harbouring ulterior motives behind his seemingly good will.

Royston said in the podcast: "Charles and William, I'm sure, will view Harry as having persistently betrayed them on multiple occasions over several years, including during times of grief, such as when Prince Philip died or when the Queen died.”

"So obviously, they're not going to just completely forget all of that straight away and go from open warfare one minute to innate implicit trust the next."

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The royal commentator continued: "I think this is not a situation that's going to be healed overnight and is one that is going to require persistence over a long period of time.”

Jack noted the royal members “need to see with their own eyes that the things they tell him do not end up on Netflix or in a book or on a podcast.”