Wednesday February 28, 2024

He could be powerful: Prince Harry urged to end 'victim' narrative

Prince Harry was advised to put his feud with the royal family aside

February 11, 2024

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Prince Harry was advised to fix his broken relationship with the royal family after a former pal of the royal insisted that he was not the ‘victim’ he painted himself to be.

Speaking to The Mirror, Edward Charles Featherstone, who met the Duke of Sussex during his days playing polo, opined that Prince Harry could emerge as a ‘powerful’ individual who could serve the royal family if he chose to quash his past with them.

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Referencing Prince Harry's memoir Spare the pal stated that the royal was better off making use of his philanthropic abilities to beneift the public rather than leaning into his victim narrative. 

He went on to elaborate that the royal should focus on charity work citing the roaring success of the Invictus Games, which was set up for injured and sick military veterans to push forth "recovery through sports, esports and adventurous challenge".

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Featherstone believed that Prince Harry could emerged as a "very, very powerful voice" for the royal family. 

"I can only give you my opinion, what I have a very strong opinion about though, is that he's not a victim. He's not a victim and he could be a very, very powerful voice as the torch bearer for Invictus and not what he is doing."