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Omid Scobie’s revised Dutch version contains ‘hundreds’ of edits amid race row

Omid Scobie’s earlier Dutch version of 'Endgame' disclosed the names of 'racist royals'

December 11, 2023

Royal author Omid Scobie’s revised Dutch version of Endgame was re-released in Netherlands following the royal race row drama caused by the misprints in the first one.

The second edition now has “hundreds of changes” including the tone of the book amid other tweaks.

Dutch journalist Rick Evers, who first unveiled the names of alleged ‘racist royals’ took to X, formerly Twitter, to share some of the changes that the new version of Endgame now has, via

Evers pointed out that not only the names of the ‘racist royals’ was removed but the tone was changed to not be harsh towards the royal family.

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Instead of “royal racists” the book instead stated that “strict British laws” prevent Scobie from revealing the names.

The reporter also noted that some of the excerpts were changed to be ‘more respectful’ towards the royals and especially tone down the ‘accusatory language’ used for Prince William.

Moreover, Scobie’s “I” has been replaced with “ABC News” in many instances and more sources have been provided in the text.

Some royal members were addressed differently now with Queen Camilla changed to Queen Consort Camilla and Catherine changed to Kate.

Evers also claimed that changes to the text are “clearly coming from the Sussex camp,” alleging that sources close to Harry and Meghan are “quoted differently.”