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Meghan Markle's agency 'horrified' as contracts under threat over 'difficult situation'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly been in the works of planning their Hollywood comeback

December 03, 2023
Meghan Markles agency has reportedly been looking to do damage control in order to save her public image
Meghan Markle's agency has reportedly been looking to do damage control in order to save her public image

Meghan Markle’s team at Hollywood’s most promising agency WME is reportedly ‘horrified and exasperated’ over the ‘never-ending scandals’ that continue to rock the the former actress and her husband Prince Harry.

A source told Express that the Suits actress was facing the likelihood of losing out on potential deals not only from the racism allegations that were reignited from Scobie’s book Endgame, but also from changing public perception of Kate Middleton, which the source claimed was more favourable to her.

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"There are potential deals on the table for Meghan that could just as quickly vanish if this continues. Aside from the race row, even the American public is growing weary of mean-spirited and downright cruel attacks on the Princess Kate. Whether or not Meghan and Harry were the sources of these, people will simply assume they were because of their past connections with Mr Scobie."

The source advised the couple to "immediately distance" themselves from the book in order to avoid or minimise the backlash that threatened their comeback plans.

"Unless they immediately distance themselves from him and denounce his book as either untrue or reported out of context, then they must expect to be a part of the backlash against it.

"If they aren’t seen to distance themselves from him, a string of deals being negotiated for Meghan as well as their production company Archewell could all come undone at the drop of a hat.

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"They’re in a very difficult situation and now they must figure out how to navigate their way out before any more damage is done. Their very future as anything like a Hollywood power couple absolutely depends on that."