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Prince Harry, Prince William would only reunite for a 'family funeral'

The sons of King Charles are not expected to see eye to eye with each other anytime soon

November 28, 2023
Prince William and Prince Harry havent talked inyears
Prince William and Prince Harry haven't talked inyears

Prince Harry and Prince William have no reason to see each other again besides on a family funeral.

Speaking to Fabulous, royal commentator Sarah Hewson reflected on the severity of estranged relationship with the brothers, exacerbated by claims in Omid Scobie’s recently published book, Endgame.

Noting that the twosome has only met on “big family occasions” since the Spare author quit the Royal Family in 2020, the expert explained there’s nothing for him in the UK to come back to in near future.

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“We have only seen Harry return for big family occasions - he came with Meghan for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, he came back for Prince Phillip’s funeral, then for his grandmother's funeral and then of course for his father’s coronation, which albeit was a very fleeting visit,” the TalkTV editor shared.

“But we don't have any of those big family or state occasions on the horizon. I can't think of any upcoming royal marriages, christenings, in the diary which would bring Harry back,” she affirmed.

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“We also know that Harry and Meghan won’t be with the family at Sandringham this Christmas - I think that would be very awkward - so it’s very difficult to see any other occasion, other than perhaps a family funeral, where the brothers would be in the same place together,” added Hewson.