Monday December 04, 2023

Prince William, Kate Middleton 'fight' with each other on Prince Harry

Kate Middleton, Prince William are 'confused and indecisive' regarding reconciliation with Harry and Meghan

November 20, 2023
Prince William, Kate Middleton not ready to reconcile with Prince Harry
Prince William, Kate Middleton not ready to reconcile with Prince Harry

Kate Middleton, who made all her efforts to play her role in easing the tension between two royal brothers Prince William and Prince Harry even after the Duke's exit from the royal family, has seemingly changed her mind for good regarding reconciliation with the Sussexes.

The Princess of Wales is 'not ready' to forgive the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as things have gone too far after the US-based couple's claims and allegations against them. Now Kate is not ready for a reunion with her brother-in-law an d his wife.

Harry disgraced William and Kate in his memoir Spare. The Duke also participated in the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, where both the Sussexes revealed things about the Waleses.

Kate and William has not been seen walking with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex since Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in September 2022.

"I think Catherine has been badly hurt by Harry's brutal attacks on William," royal commentator Jennie Bond told Bella Magazine, adding that she can't see an olive branch being extended from either the Kate or William "any time soon".

Kate, who has often been the peacemaker, has now stepped back as "things have gone too far and she feels upset and, quite frankly, hurt and insulted." added the expert. 

Another insider told the publication that Kate has "no desire to communicate with Harry nor Meghan as too much has happened, and she's not ready yet."

However the insider claims that "William wants his relationship with his brother to improve, but they're not speaking right now. So when that will happen is still uncertain."

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A separate source told The News: "William and Kate are confused and indecisive regarding reconciliation with Harry and Meghan as the future king and his wife have totally lost their trust on the Sussexes."

They added: "William still wants to walk with his brother Harry as they used to do in the past, but Kate thinks differently. She even fights with William on it due to Meghan and Harry's persistent attacks."