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Netflix snubs Prince Harry over his brutal claims against King Charles

Prince Harry made a ‘warm’ phone call to his father King Charles on his 75th birthday

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November 20, 2023
Prince Harry released his bombshell memoir, Spare, detailing his strained ties with King Charles
Prince Harry released his bombshell memoir, Spare, detailing his strained ties with King Charles 

Netflix appeared to have taken a dig at Prince Harry over infamous claims about his estranged father King Charles.

The Crown premiered the first part of its sixth and final season on Netflix and it is already receiving heat for its portrayal of many incidents in the royal family.

Prince Harry released his bombshell memoir, Spare, earlier this year and detailed his life and relationship with his family. However, the royal also described the strained relationship with the monarch.

In one of the excerpts, Harry claimed that he didn’t receive a hug from dad King Charles III following the tragic death of his beloved mother, Princess Diana.

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However, in the show, all of those claims have been disregarded. Royal expert Angela Levin told GB News that Harry would be “furious” with this portrayal.

Levin referred to the scene in which King Charles (Dominic West) tells his sons that their mother has died in a Paris car crash.

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“The other thing that’s quite interesting is that Harry said in his own book Spare that his father didn’t cuddle him or hold him when he came in to tell them that his mother was killed,” the royal author said.

“And in fact, they don’t care about that in The Crown, they make sure he holds him, and strokes him, and being terribly nice to him, so they didn’t even listen to what Harry has said.”

Prince Harry was only 12 when he lost his mother and has spoken openly about the pain he experienced following the accident.