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Victoria Beckham turns 'My Dad Had Rolls-Royce' into hilarious t-shirt

Victoria Beckham debuts her trending quote on her clothing store

November 18, 2023
Victoria Beckham dares to pokes fun at herself.
Victoria Beckham dares to pokes fun at herself.

Victoria Beckham's clothing brand has introduced a £110 t-shirt, imprinted with the slogan "My Dad Had A Rolls-Royce" after a hilarious clip from David Beckham's documentary went viral.

A photo was posted on Instagram by the singer where she was wearing this shirt. Its caption simply stated "available now" and contained the link to her website.

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The documentary video in question was from the time when Victoria claimed that her family was "very working, working class."

At that point, David interrupted and beckoned her to be honest, to which Victoria's response was, "I am!" After a few repeated tries, he turned his request into a question and asked her to disclose what car her dad used to drop her to school in.

The Spice Girl ultimately surrendered, saying, "OK. In the '80s, my dad had a Rolls-Royce." David thanked her, then immediately left by closing the closing door.

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Fans were left laughing following this short-lasted moment in which David became the star without even entering the room.

According to Netflix, the BECKHAM documentary series became its most-watched show for two weeks after the snap started trending.