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Photos of Johnny Depp’s injuries were ‘altered, faked’: ‘Makes no sense!’

Johnny Depp accused of faking photographs of his injuries which ‘make no sense’

By Web Desk
October 29, 2022

Johnny Depp has just been accused of having ‘manipulated’ his preliminary evidence in the Amber Heard defamation case.

An unsealed document detailed this accusation and it reads, “Mr. Depp's production raises serious authenticity and manipulation concerns, as most of the metadata does not contain any "Creation Date," the items that do contain ‘Creation Date’ metadata mostly reflect dates after this lawsuit was filed, and the metadata reveals the items were ‘Modified’ days before their production in this case.”

Unsealed documents
Unsealed documents

“As previously argued by Mr. Depp, it is imperative that [Ms. Heard] be afforded the opportunity to examine this evidence to analyze whether, when, and by what means [Mr. Depp] has manipulated it.”

Ms. Heard's expert analyze these documents and data ‘for potential manipulations’.”

“For example, Mr. Depp's Declaration relies on photographs of supposed scratches and bruises caused by Ms. Heard. For one picture, the metadata has a Create and Modified Date of 7/24/2019, and the other picture has no Create Date and a Modified Date of 7/4/2020 which makes no sense if Ms. Heard supposedly caused these marks.”

Unsealed documents
Unsealed documents

“Similarly, DEPP7303 is another picture of Mr. Depp on a stretcher with a bloody finger and a mark on his face he claims Ms. Heard caused. Att. 17. But the limited metadata reveals the ‘Creation,’ ‘Modified,’ ’Received,’ and ‘Sent’ Dates are July 22, 2019, despite Mr. Depp claiming this picture was taken in March 2015. Att. 8, 10. There are the same issues with other photographs of claimed injuries, such as DEPP9916 which has no ‘Creation’ or ‘Modified’ Date metadata and lists the ‘Sent’ and ‘Modified’ Dates as July 3, 2020.”

This comes shortly after the actor was blasted for trying to manipulate the audio tapes, he submitted that showcased his fights with Amber Heard.

The unsealed document detailing this alleged move claims Johnny Depp, “produced multiple partial audio recordings that begin and end in the middle of a sentence- and include recordings relied upon by Mr. Depp in Declarations he submitted in this case. Att. 22, 18. Mr. Depp cannot explain why he only produced partial recordings, and in fact, testified.”

“This raises significant concerns of manipulation, alteration, and deletion.”