Wednesday December 07, 2022

Johnny Depp ‘coerced, intimidated’ Amber Heard’s nurse into giving testimony?

Johnny Depp allegedly ‘intimidated, and coerced’ Amber Heard’s witness

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October 07, 2022

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Johnny Depp has been accused of having intimidated the nurse that worked for Amber Heard to become a witness.

According to a report made in an unsealed document, “these declarations were often obtained through threats and deception.”

Unsealed Documents
Unsealed Documents

“One such declarant Laura Divenere, testified that she only provided a declaration after Mr. Waldman threatened her with negative consequences if she did not cooperate with him, including perjury if she did not sign the declaration he wanted her to sign. Att. 80, Divernere Dep.”

“Ms Divenere also testified hats felt coerced by Mr. Waldman to sign the declaration. In addition, while the declarations all bore the heading of this case, NONE were ever filed with the Court or provided to counsel for defendant.”