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Imran demands recounting of votes on 25 NA seats in Punjab

- May 13, 2013 - Updated 2210 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan Monday demanded recounting of votes on 25 seats of National Assembly in the Punjab, Geo News reported.


“Whatever result comes after the recounting will be acceptable to us,” Imran Khan said in a statement issued here.


The PTI Chief said ‘being a sportsman, he would accept any outcome’.


Imran Khan said his party leadership would conduct a press conference in connection with the alleged rigging during the May 11 general elections.


The list of the 25 constituencies where the party is demanding a recount has yet not been shared.

Reader Comments
Khan saab, you are great. Thank you for making these election historic with your energy. We don't deserve you, we deserve Nawaz Sharif and his mates to loot us for five more years. You don't have to accept the wrong (results) and keep saying the truth. Love you!

We support your demand Imran, where was humbleness when Ns attacked Supreme court/ dismissed Sitting COAS; Almighty taught him a lesson by exiling him!!! he is a central part of NRO part 2

Imran, you should pay for the recount, if the result is the same.

Tariq, You're mistaken. You're probably confusing Imran with somebody else. Imran is down to earth. He's a great personality and an attitude for excellence. Get a grasp! Imran bhai, I'm a Pashtoon. We admire people by their honor and bravery. You don't have to speak Pashto to be counted upon. We support you.

Dear Imran you will not get majority even after counting. You have middle class/ educated youth with you but not those uneducated youth in rural areas who make majority of youth. Accepting results which will give you high grounds.

Dr Hassan Akhtar
United Kingdom
Typical Jamati Show some grace and accept deafeat.

yes go 4 re-counting esp in Na 125

To all above. Allah has not asked the muslims to subjugate to tyranny and injustice. If there is real reason for concern then why not address that? What's the big deal about recounting. If PML-N is correct then why worry. It will only make them stronger if even on recounting they are winners. It is a good opportunity for them to shut the critics once and for all.

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