Wednesday September 27, 2023

School of life

August 06, 2022

Schooling is not the only way of learning or imparting knowledge, although it is the only officially recognized way. Many parents blame schools and teachers for the bad performance or bad behaviour of their children. However, they fail to realize that their child spends more time with them than in school. Parents are the first school of their child. Moreover, the social environment plays an important role in influencing a child’s behaviour as children adapt to what they see around them.

Parents must think about these informal influences on their children. They must watch where their child is going. Who are his friends? What type of people does he spend his time with? Most importantly, they must pay close attention to their child's social media activity. Even though social media is teeming with useful knowledge, it is all too easy for children to be misled by what they see online.

Urooj Saba

Pir Jo Goth