Friday August 12, 2022

Slum areas expand six times in 3 decades

By Our Correspondent
July 30, 2022

Islamabad : The slum areas have expanded from 5.534 square kilometres in 1990 to 28.979 square kilometres in 2021, indicating huge demand but non-availability of required housing units in the capital city.

The latest survey carried out by the civic agency revealed the expansion of the slum areas in various parts of the city.

The official record showed that it had taken various measures to address the issue of slums or ‘katchi abadis’ in the past.

Evictions were carried out in the 1980s under which people were evacuated through force and moved to other sites where construction was ongoing.

Resettlement within the residential sectors was also tried by providing small plots to slum dwellers, but these plots were later sold off at good prices by the allottees.

Similarly, resettlement outside residential sectors has also been tried as in the case of a slum located near Fatima Jinnah Park, but due to high transportation costs and lack of basic facilities, thirty percent of the dwellers sold off their land and moved back to the slum.

Informal settlements have now become the only option for those who cannot afford formal housing or land in urban areas.

The major aspect that city planners failed to cater to in the past was the housing need for the low-income population of the city.