Tuesday August 16, 2022

Muzzling criticism

July 07, 2022

Time after time journalists are persecuted in this country. During the tenure of PTI, several journalists faced harassment, abduction and even violence. Examples include Asad Toor, Matiullah Jaan, Absar Alam and historian and human rights activist Ammar Ali Jan, whose house was raided. At the time the PTI-led government remained silent. Now, when some of the journalists who were critical of PTIs ouster from power have been intimidated into silence, the party appeals to the public and the media to stand against this culture of suppressing dissent.

Journalists should not be harassed and intimidated simply for having a certain point of view or being critical of the ruling party. Censoring critics is not a characteristic of democratic societies and a free press is an essential mechanism for holding the powerful to account. It reveals the authoritarian nature of our state where, regardless of the party in power, citizens are unable to express their views without fear of recrimination.

Anwar Sayab Khan