Monday July 04, 2022

Love beyond borders

By News Report
May 23, 2022

GUJRANWALA: An American lady doctor, Mag, from Chicago has travelled all the way to Pakistan to marry her social media love, a tailor, belonging to Rahwali.

Dr. Mag, inspired by Islamic teachings has converted to Islam at the hands of Hafiz Muhammad Ashraf Raza Qadri, preacher at Jamia Masjid Jati Shah Jamal, and married Malik Mehboob Ali, son of Malik Yaqoob Hussain, the tailor of Loharan, Rahwali. After converting to Islam, Dr Mag’s Islamic name was changed to Haniya.

Dr. Mag, who works as a gynecologist at a government hospital in Chicago, USA, said that she came in contact with Mehboob Ali on the internet, which gradually turned into love, I am very happy to accept Islam and get married. Haniya said that Pakistanis are loving and cheerful people, she was very happy to meet her in-laws, they are all very lovely people.