Wednesday July 06, 2022

Imran’s mobile phones stolen after recorded video threat, says Gill

By News Desk
May 17, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Ex-special assistant to the prime minister Shahbaz Gill said Monday that PTI Chairman Imran Khan's two mobile phones were stolen during the Sialkot jalsa.The PTI leader, in a tweet, said that after Khan's threat of releasing a "recorded video" — in which the former prime minister claims that he has mentioned characters behind his ouster — the government had gone berserk. Gill added that the incident took place as the government had pulled the security detail of the ex-prime minister.

"You [government] have gone completely berserk. The video statement that Khan has recorded cannot be found on his phone. The mobile phones were stolen after Imran Khan landed at the airport after the jalsa," he said.

Gill's statement comes after Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif directed the interior ministry to provide water-tight security to former prime minister Khan at his home in Islamabad and during political rallies. In this regard, the prime minister held two threat assessment meetings with officials from the interior ministry to finalise the security detail of the former prime minister.

At Khan’s residence in Bani Gala, 94 security officers will be deployed, as per the spokesperson of the interior ministry. Of these, 22 men will be from the Islamabad Police and 72 from the Frontier Constabulary. In addition, 26 officers from the security service and nine military personnel will also be made available. The interior ministry spokesperson added that if there is a specific threat to the former prime minister, more security will be made available.