Tuesday May 24, 2022

Another CCTV camera video of KU suicide bomber surfaces

May 12, 2022

While the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have been unable to make any major breakthrough in the case of the April 26 suicide bombing at the University of Karachi, they now have access to a fourth CCTV camera footage of the perpetrator of the attack.

Shari Baloch had targeted a van of KU’s Chinese tutors. The suicide attack had claimed the lives of three Chinese nationals and a local van driver, and injured four others, including a Chinese national and a Rangers soldier.

The investigators are yet to trace the whereabouts of the two key suspects: the suicide bomber’s husband and an unidentified woman with whom the bomber could be seen talking on video footage shortly before the attack.

Shari’s husband is believed to have left the country and escaped to Afghanistan, as the LEAs have not been able to trace him anywhere in Pakistan.

In the latest CCTV camera footage circulating on the internet, Shari can be seen with her two children in the corridor of a hotel where her husband Habitan had stayed. The video shows Shari carrying a black bag — apparently the same bag that was used in the suicide bombing.

Police believe that the latest video probably shows the last meeting between Shari and her husband, saying that she left the hotel after leaving her children with Habitan. Officials have also collected DNA samples from the hotel and sent them to the forensic division.

Shari’s three earlier CCTV camera clips show her carrying out the attack, talking to another female suspect before the bombing, and her outside KU’s Chinese language institute a day before the attack, suggesting she had failed to follow through with her plan that day.

Moreover, after releasing Shari’s picture shortly after the blast, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) had released her video in which she was heard inciting the women of Balochistan.

The video shows her walking in a garden somewhere, showing the victory sign in different poses. In the two-minute video recorded in the Balochi language with English subtitles, Shari wearing black headgear with a BLA flag in the background seems at ease as she incites women to join the organisation.